Felt phone case

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not have a mobile phone. These little helpers have firmly entered our lives, and are not going to leave it anytime soon. In order for the phone to last a long time, it must be protected. At purchase to us offer in addition to get a cover for phone. But, for example, I never liked those works of design ideas that are presented in stores. I wanted something original, unlike the same type of products. And the exit was found! I started sewing felt covers. Several years ago decorative felt appeared on the market. This greatly expanded the capabilities of those who love to do something with their own hands. Moreover, thanks to the special properties of this fabric, even an inexperienced person can easily create an exclusive accessory. So, let's start. You will need colored felt, scissors, ruler, thread, needle, mobile phone. Choose several sheets of colored felt with a thickness of 1-1.5 mm. For a case to fit perfectly in size, measure the phone. It is necessary to take measurements of the length, width and height of the device. I obtained such data: length - 12cm, width - 6cm, height - 0.5cm.
measure phone
Record the measurements, they will come in handy later. Now you need to decide on the appliqué on the product. As material, felt is good that it is not showered. You can work with him as with paper. Scissor and sew or glue to the surface. Using this property, you can easily embody any of your drawing in felt. However, for starters, I recommend practicing simple applications. I chose the hearts. It is necessary to cut 3 hearts of different sizes from a felt of bright colors. First you need to make a pattern on paper and attach it to the felt.
 Need to Cut
Then cut the hearts out of the felt. Scissors should be sharp enough.
Then cut the hearts
Now from the red felt we cut out two identical rectangles.The sizes of the rectangles are equal to the size of the phone plus half a centimeter on each side for the seams. That is, in my case, one rectangle has dimensions 13cm * 7cm. Do not forget about the height of the phone, it will also take over a piece of fabric. But do not add too much material to the seams. Otherwise, the phone will not be held in the case.
cut out two felt
Now let's start sewing hearts on the cover. We will sew with contrasting threads so that the seam can be seen. In this case, it will be noticeable that this is manual work. Of course, you can take the thread to match, but the effect will be completely different. In general, you choose, because it is the creation of your hands. I took the orange thread, contrasting with the color of the cover, but matching the color of one of the hearts.
 stitching hearts to the cover
Place the largest heart on one of the triangles and sew the appliqué to the fabric.
 stitching hearts to the cover
Weather in Dahle sequentially sew the remaining two hearts on top of the first. stitching hearts to the boot
 stitching hearts to cover
stitch two rectangles together with stitched seam. Below is a schematic drawing of this type of seam.
 Stitch Seam
You need to go through a needle with a thread around the perimeter of the cover. Including, where the cover remains unstitched. This will give completeness to the product.
 Phone case with your own hands
Everything, the cover is ready! You did a great job!
 Phone case
I wish you do not stop there and continue to experiment!

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