February 23 - how to please men?

Very soon, the real male holiday - Defender of the Fatherland Day. Although not everyone defended their homeland, it was customary to honor all members of the strong half of humanity on this date. And it will be dishonest if there is a women's day, but there is no man’s. So all girls should rather go for gifts. But first you should know what is best to give.

Dream for a man

How to choose a gift?

The choice of a gift is a rather responsible matter, since with its help one can not only cheer up the recipient, but also create an impression of oneself and even express one's feelings and emotions. Some surprises can hit so much that you just can not imagine. But it is extremely important to choose what the man likes. Here's what to look for when buying a gift:

  • Who do you have a man? Do you know him well? For example, it is quite possible to give your friend or good old friend something cool, funny, he should appreciate it (although not a fact, take into account the character).If a person is a mystery to you, then it is better to present him with something abstract and official (for example, a good notebook or a pen). A husband can make a surprise by presenting something personal or very romantic. In addition, the necessary thing, too, will come in handy.
  • Age. This also needs to be taken into account. If a guy of 20-25 years easily appreciates youth humor and will be happy with some new gadget (even if he is not really needed), then a mature man prefers something more serious.
  • Profession. Sometimes the kind of activity can guide you on the right path. So, the programmer may need something for the computer. In general, study the profession and think that it can be useful.
  • Hobby. Passion is something that takes a certain part of life and gives real pleasure. For example, an avid fisherman will certainly be happy to recruit blades or hooks. A collector will appreciate the new instance, which will be included in his collection with your help (but here you need to be aware).
  • Personal preferences. Even such small details as a favorite actor, movies or color can play an important role in the selection. Subject thing can give a lot of emotions to the recipient.So, if a young man can review a film for the hundredth time, then present him something related to this movie.

So what to give?

What gift to buy? After all, there is so little time left ... All your ideas run out? Then here are some thoughts on this.

Gift to a spouse or young person

What to give to her beloved husband on February 23? This is perhaps the most pressing issue among married women. Here are the options:

  • You know your faithful best. Remember what he had long dreamed of. He probably sleeps and sees in his car a brand new autoregistrar with a full range of functions. Or he wants to go to the bath with friends. Organize such a meeting for him, he will definitely appreciate!
  • If everything material is alien to you, then show imagination and do something unusual. For example, you can give the second half of the bank with the name "100 reasons why I love you." Accordingly, place in the capacity of a hundred folded pieces of paper, writing on each of them for one reason of your immense love. And you can give a certificate for 10 (20, 30 or 100, as you like) desires or actions. Thus, such “services” as a romantic evening, massage, chic dinner and so on can enter there. By the way, a gift made by yourself is very nice and memorable.

Gifts to colleagues

What to give to employees? If there are a lot of them, then it is unlikely to buy a separate gift for everyone. In this case, you can present all circles (pens, notebooks or other attributes) with the company logo or with the name of each man. Trite, but optimal in this case.

Very cute

If the team is friendly and cheerful, then rely on funny surprises. So, you can make time and go to the store jokes for funny statues. Picking up something for every man in your associations, you will raise your spirits and emphasize your individuality.

Gadgets will certainly be appreciated. Lovers of late hand "runaway" alarm clocks. Give connoisseurs of hot coffee a cup stand with heated mugs. Many will appreciate the slippers in the form of tanks and aircraft (after all, this is a surprise for the defenders). And if the representatives of the male part of the team like to visit the bath with the whole composition, then you can give everyone caps, beer mugs or something else.

Gift to dad

Dad needs to give something special, given his preferences and age. So, if dad is young and appreciates good alcohol, then give him a bottle of expensive brandy, he will appreciate.

You can present some useful gift for the house, for example, a beautiful bathrobe. If the dad is aged, then take care of his health and get some useful and necessary thing (a tonometer or something like that). But so that the father does not feel helpless, you should certainly put something abstract: toilet water, shaving kit or shower gel. And remember that the most important thing for dad is the attention of his children!

What to give to the son?

If the son is small, then he will certainly be happy with the new toy. The boy will be happy to play with a radio-controlled helicopter or car. Parents know better what their child needs, because kids always express their wishes.

For a teenager, some kind of electronic device or gadget would be optimal. It can be a computer game drive, a wireless computer mouse, headphones, a player.

Adult son is better to give something necessary. It can be an accessory in a car, organizer, heated mug. A family guy will appreciate something useful for the house: a weather station, an alarm clock. But for a bachelor it is better to choose what will make his life easier without a woman: an electric kettle, a coffee maker, a dryer for shoes.

Why not give it?

What can not give a man? If you believe in omens, then you definitely do not need to give knives and watches. You should not go into details, you can learn them from a friend, but actually to believe in prejudices or not is a personal matter for everyone. A sign you can think of about any thing.

Sometimes a declaration of love is enough

And if you distract from the mystical note, then you should not present such gifts that a man should select himself. For example, with clothes it is difficult to guess. Toilet water may also not be suitable. Yes, and the tie may not like the recipient.

Socks and underwear are also not the best option, even if you give them to your spouse. You will buy all this in any case, and the holiday is a reason for more romantic and original gifts.

It is not necessary to present flowers and postcards, these are purely female "things", the advocates of this will not exactly appreciate. For the same reason, it is not recommended to buy soft toys, scented candles and everything else from this category.

Helpful Tips

Some useful recommendations regarding the choice of a gift for a man:

  1. Try to find out what the man wants. If it's dad, talk to your brother, sister, or mom. My husband can try to find out everything by chance.It is enough just to be a spouse, a close friend, and he will tell everything himself. Just delve into, remember, think logically.
  2. Choose gifts with a soul, even if you give them to unfamiliar people. A man will certainly appreciate it, he will be pleased. And emotions are the most important.
  3. Go shopping without a specific goal. By going around a few points and examining the range, you will surely pick something for everyone who needs to get a gift from you.

May all men be pleased with your gifts for February 23!

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