Features of care for muscular type of aging

Unfortunately, the arrival of old age is inevitable, along with the accompanying external changes of the face, on which appear uninvited "guests" - wrinkles, folds, dark circles, and the oval treacherously loses its features, sliding to the neck. Of course, if you do not delay careful skin care for later, and begin procedures in their youth, when they seem to be still not needed, you can push back unwanted and distressing changes to a later date and make them less noticeable.

Late age already requires regular grooming procedures with qualitative cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing the skin, combined with moderate physical activity and balanced nutrition, depending on the type of skin aging.

In modern cosmetology there are several officially recognized types, among which are muscular, with their own signs and features. So what to do if this is your version of aging?

Signs of predisposition

The muscular version is typical of people who have Asian appearance, men, and some women. For most of the inhabitants of our country - Slav women, he is alien, meeting only in five percent of cases and mainly in women with large facial features. The predisposition to a “muscular face” in old age can be determined in advance, focusing on some signs, including:

  • the presence of normal or combination skin;
  • highly developed facial muscles;
  • poorly developed subcutaneous fat;
  • face shape is rhomboid or oval;
  • the presence of a normal physique.

In the absence of excessive fatty layer, but with well-developed facial muscles, age-related changes lead to thinning of a small fatty tissue, skin tightening of the muscles, which makes the facial relief more pronounced. And this, by the way, is not bad compared to the deformation variant, in which the oval of the face becomes sagging and shapeless.

Process characteristic

For muscular aging, a good preservation of the original facial contours is inherent, which for a long time allows you to look young even with pronounced wrinkles.However, here, skin care plays an important role, along with genetics and physiology. In most cases, these are women with normal, sufficiently moist skin, elastic and resilient, tightly welded to the subcutaneous tissues.

There are usually facial areas with more visible muscles in a state of hypertonia or increased daily activity. This option of aging facial skin gives women a long youth and freshness, causing excitement from others and the envy of her friends. Changes are delayed, but radically, literally in a couple of years, covering the face with folds and wrinkles.

Main features

Characteristic for muscular type age signs that allow you to easily and accurately determine it, manifested in the form of:

  • tightly skinned smooth cheekbones;
  • well-marked wrinkles - "crow's feet" in the corners of the eyes;
  • deeply drawn wrinkles from the nose to the lips - nasolabial;
  • depressions on the cheeks or temples;
  • clear chin relief;
  • coarsening facial features.

For men this type of aging adds masculinity and attractiveness. Women, for the preservation of youthfulness, pay with the loss of “feminine” softness and charm, acquiring coarser “masculine” features in appearance.And if you add the abuse of Botox procedures, the smile ceases to be natural and attractive.

Skin care

What to do with muscular aging to look feminine and attractive? A set of activities carried out independently at home will smooth out undesirable signs if performed regularly and with mood:

  1. Among home procedures that increase the elasticity of blood vessels and remove the facial muscles hypertonus, a special role is given to contrasting douches in the form of alternating warm and cold water, as a result of which the vessels alternately narrow and expand, strengthening. It is advisable to perform this procedure twice a day.
  2. Removing hypertonus helps complex special exercises for the facial muscles in the form of facial gymnastics, revitoniki and others. For example, the following exercise is helpful in relieving stress. Inhale through the nose, keeping the mouth closed and filling the stomach with air. Hold the air in the stomach for a few seconds, and then slowly exhale through the mouth. At the same time, the abdomen is pulled out by holding the position for five seconds. We relax. Repeat five times.
  3. We are reviewing our diet, with the inclusion of products that are useful to our type of aging. In general, these are products with magnesium content, because it is it that is effective for relaxing muscles. Equally beneficial are foods high in vitamin A.
  4. We are sure to provide skin care with products containing vitamins A, E, C, B to speed up the metabolic processes in the skin, participate in the synthesis of elastin and collagen, form a fat layer to protect the skin and restore its elasticity.
  5. Preference is given to the masks with a lifting effect, the components for which can be black and white clay, gelatin with honey and egg yolk. For example, a mask with white clay, which consists of two teaspoons of the main product, a teaspoon of fresh grape juice and wheat germ oil. All components are mixed to a uniform consistency, if necessary with the addition of water. Apply the mixture to the skin of the face for a third of an hour, and wash off with warm water, followed by moisturizing with a cream.
  6. Successful professional cosmetic procedures - chemical peeling with fruit acids, its deep cleaning, massage.
  7. The costly, but very effective measures include anti-aging methods in the form of:

What is medically old age? Inevitable natural process. And from a philosophical point of view, this is another, no less interesting stage in a person’s life, which is completely independent of the external type of aging.

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