Fear of getting fat: 6 signs that you already have anorexia

We are accustomed to blaming malaise and weakness on the dynamic rhythm of life, stress, and constant lack of time. But often these signs do not speak about fatigue and the need to take a break and rest. These symptoms can be a manifestation of the primary signs of anorexia nervosa! Natalia Soldatova, a therapist and psychologist Oksana Rodina, told us what symptoms should be alarmed and make her revise her usual (and as it turned out) unhealthy lifestyle.

Anorexia is a serious disease that has nowadays become, unfortunately, a fashionable disease. There can be several reasons: these are modern norms, inspired by fashionable standards, and heredity, and low self-esteem, and dislike for one's own body. The main thing is to catch anorexia in the first stage, the initial stage, when alarming symptoms begin to appear. The next, anorectic, already implies anorexia nervosa followed by somatic disorders that require a shock dose of hormonal therapy.The latter, kahekticheskaya, already carries a mortal threat to humans The body is completely depleted, all reserves of fat have already been squandered, dystrophy of muscles begins, arthritis progresses. In this case, the person requires urgent hospitalization. Also isolated and the stage of relapse. Usually at risk are people who have passed all three stages and successfully cured of the disease. Therefore, a person who has passed the rehabilitation period must be under the constant supervision of a physician.

Sleep disturbance

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Oksana Rodina, psychologist:“In anorexia, both insomnia and, on the contrary, longer sleep can manifest themselves. These manifestations are associated with the disruption of the nervous system: the body is in a panic because it does not receive adequate nutrition and draws all the internal forces. Pay attention to your own state. If it is difficult for you to concentrate, you cannot assimilate new material, your working capacity has decreased, and fatigue has increased, then you need not just a vacation, but good nutrition. Such emotional states make you think of solitude, and you avoid social events.You should not justify your own behavior by the fact that you are an introvert and simply do not like noisy companies. You lose not only the taste for food, but also for life in general. Do not ignore breakfast - it is he who gives a reserve for the whole day. In the morning you can eat absolutely everything, since in the morning the gastrointestinal tract works to the full. A fragrant cup of coffee, delicious scrambled eggs, a favorite donut with confiture - an excellent charge for a positive. ”

You are not worried about hunger

Oksana Rodina, psychologist:“You are proud to tell your friends that you have drunk only a couple of cups of coffee all day, and they sigh sympathetically and enviously. Here, they say, what will power. If you only need a cup of coffee a day, this is a wake-up call. And even more alarming, if in addition to coffee you no longer consume any liquid. Lack of appetite and, therefore, hunger in a long period are already signs of primary anorexia. The big problem in the timely treatment of anorexia nervosa is that the person completely denies its presence. ”


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Natalia Soldatova, general practitioner:“Amenorrhea is a violation of the cycle or the complete absence of menstruation over a long period of time and one of the permanent signs of anorexia nervosa. Pathology is caused by disruption of the endocrine system of the female body.Symptoms of amenorrhea are similar to those of menopause: the same mood swings, so-called hot flashes and sweating. The treatment uses hormone therapy designed to restore the endocrine system. "

Obsession with workouts

Oksana Rodina, psychologist:“You are surprised, but sometimes anorexia does not imply physical weakness. If you have introduced the habit of harassing yourself on the simulators for each piece of food a bun has eaten, then it’s time to sound the alarm. You already perceive training as a punishment for food! Everything should be in moderation - even professional athletes give time to relax the muscles and the body as a whole. Three times a week, one hour of exercise is the optimal load for the body. "

You often freeze

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Natalia Soldatova, general practitioner:“Cold hands and feet, often feeling cold, are all signs of poor circulation. Add to the list of unpleasant consequences of anorexia failure of the cardiovascular system: arrhythmia, bradycardia, hypotension (constant reduced pressure). "

Hair began to fall out and nails became brittle

Natalia Soldatova, general practitioner:“Of course, everything can be attributed to a lack of vitamins, but think about why your body does not receive these vitamins. Restrictions on food (as well as rigid diets and mono-diets) lead to a deterioration of not only the hair and nails, but also the skin. Calcium deficiency can lead to tooth loss. Grayish skin color, puffy face, cyanosis, sparse hair - this is such a “beautiful” picture emerges! Due to the lack of vital microelements, bone fragility increases, the healing process of even small wounds slows down, the joints swell, there is a risk of an inflammatory joint disease - arthritis. ”

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