Fashionable nail design, Autumn-Winter 2015-2016: photo of the most creative manicure of 2016

Fashionable nail design, Fall-Winter 2014-2015: photo of the most creative manicure 2015In cold and cloudy weather so lacking vivid impressions. Feel free to dye your nails in the most juicy and dazzling colors - this will help you cope with gray days and improve your mood.

Nails have long become art objects. They are an integral part of a stylish image and are often the focus of attention. World designers do not cease to be inspired and come up with new ways to decorate their nails every time. Fabulous motifs, color blocking, pastel and gradient - all this could be seen on most fashion shows. Today you will learn all the nail art trends for the upcoming cold season.

Trendy design of bright nails, Fall-Winter 2015-2016

For their winter collections, beauty stylists used deep saturated colors. Models with a dark green, blue, burgundy, black, orange manicure appeared on the catwalk.They did not forget about the spectacular shades: juicy neon, unusual prints, metallic and rich berry. These are not just colorful lacquers - this is the real concept of the current winter nail art.
Fashionable design of bright nails, Fall-Winter 2014-2015
For those who like to put all sorts of drawings on the nails there is a good news - nail art is also relevant, as in the previous season. Lunar manicure is still one of the key trends of the podium. It could be seen at the shows at Chanel, Philip Lim, Giorgio Armani and others. The fairy tale theme, which was traced in dresses and prints, also touched manicure. In the middle of the nail plate, white contrasting arrows were applied to the models, while the rest of the nail surface was painted in bright and intense colors. In the fashion now and “precious” manicure like favorite designers Carin Delevingne. To create it, you need to paint your nails with clear varnish and glue on top large rhinestones. From above we fix a layer of base for nails.

Design of short nails, Fall-Winter 2015-2016

Long nails for several seasons in a row are not in demand, and all because everyone wants to be comfortable. And it is convenient when the nails are cut short or a few millimeters grown.Despite such insignificant scales, there is where to turn. On such nails the gradient manicure successfully looks. It gives an excellent opportunity to combine it with any accessories and clothing. It is not strange, but now the leopard print is gaining popularity. They do not cover all the nails at once, but only one or two fingers.
Matt and pastel manicure colors, Fall-Winter 2014-2015, photo

Matt and pastel manicure colors, Fall-Winter 2015-2016, photo

Pastel and nude shades migrated to us from the summer and spring collections. This delicate palette looks perfect on hand. The main thing when choosing a varnish is to pay attention to the color of your skin: if it is light, then it is better to choose a warm palette, if dark is cold.
Matt and pastel manicure colors, Fall-Winter 2014-2015, photo

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