Fashionable alpaca coat

If you are planning to buy spring outerwear, consider the fashionable option - an alpaca coat. But before shopping, learn the features of choice and learn how to properly wear this stylish thing.

Features and varieties of alpaca wool

The alpaca is a parocierpidae belonging to the camelid family and found in the mountainous regions of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. It resembles a llama, and wool possesses similar qualities. Residents of these regions have long made ponchos and other things, and relatively recently, products began to spread to other countries and have already become incredibly popular.

Wool is classified by breed and includes the following varieties:

  • Uakaya This is the most common option, which properties resembles the fur of bears.
  • Suri. Breed more rare and differs in the long and thin pile curling on tips.
  • Baby Suri is a suri subspecies with increased softness and minimal villus thickness.

Wool can have a different diameter of fibers, and on this basis the material is classified into four categories:

  • 19 microns - royal wool.The fabric is incredibly soft and thin, it is more expensive than other options.
  • 22 microns - children's alpaca (baby), used for sewing cardigans, light coats and suits.
  • 25.5 microns. Option suitable for sewing coats.
  • 32 microns - wool of mature animals, which usually goes to the production of blankets, yarn, blankets.

For your information! The most common composite materials with the addition of viscose, camel wool, silk. Such additives improve operational and external characteristics. Products made from 100% alpaca wool are premium class.

Advantages and disadvantages

The material has several undeniable advantages:

  • The fabric is very light, so the coat will definitely not be heavy.
  • A wide variety of natural tones. Even unpainted wool can have various noble colors, which number more than twenty.
  • Good thermal insulation characteristics. The coat will be warm and comfortable in the off-season, and even in rather cool weather. Dense warmed models can be worn safely in the winter season.
  • The material is dense, wear-resistant. If you properly care for him, the thing will serve several seasons in a row.
  • This fabric is almost not wrinkled due to the unique natural properties.
  • Alpaca wool is very soft, smooth, completely non-prickly, very pleasant to the touch.
  • The material has a subtle light shine, which gives the product elegance and charm.
  • A smooth surface minimizes the risks of contamination, of course, if you wear the coat gently.
  • Care is not the most difficult.
  • Since animals live in mountainous regions, their wool is resistant to the effects of high humidity and practically does not absorb moisture.

The disadvantages are few. The first is a rather high cost. But it is fully justified by the excellent characteristics of the material and the long service life of the products. The second is the need to follow certain rules of care. But such a minus can be attributed to almost all natural materials.

Famous brands

Manufacturers of alpaca wool are all over the world, with both elite and medium budget class. Foreign popular brands are “Anna Verdi”, “Max Mara”, “Versace”, “Hugo Boss”, “Armani”, “Schneider Salzburg”. But the products of such brands are not available to everyone.

If you want to buy a coat of alpaca, but are not willing to spend a large sum, then pay attention to the Russian manufacturers Kroyork and Meldes, as well as the Belarusian company Sinar.

Choosing the right model

If you do not know how to choose a coat from alpaca, then start with the selection of a suitable model. Consider different options:

  1. The fitted double-breasted coat is a universal classic that goes for everybody, without exception.
  2. The style of direct cut can also be considered one of the most successful, because it will allow you to hide excessive thinness, visually stretch the silhouette and reduce the abdomen volume with an apple-like figure, and also make the image stylish and at the same time restrained.
  3. The coat with the smell, complemented by a strap or belt, can both emphasize the sophistication of the figure, and successfully mask the appetizing forms and make them more elegant.
  4. Trapeze style or A-silhouette will fit slender girls and owners of the figure “pear”. Such a model will visually narrow the upper body and balance the proportions, as well as visually reduce the volume in the lower part.
  5. In the fashion volume oversize dimensionless models that fit perfectly in a free casual style and are suitable for young modern girls. But a complete representative of the fair sex can make this style even more overall.

When choosing a model worth paying attention to the details. For example, a volume hood will become a useful and stylish element. For warm weather, you can pick up the version with short sleeves. The accent of the image can be an original asymmetrical, turn-down collar or an elegant stand. Trendy and collarless models that allow you to experiment with accessories.

Variety of shades

Color can be almost anything: from discreet and noble to rich and even bright, screaming tones. If you value naturalness, then choose natural shades: beige, sand, brown, dairy. A boiled white coat will look fresh and romantic at the same time. Black color is an elegant classic.

Lovers of brightness are not limited in choice and can consider such options as fuchsia, bright blue, mint, coral, yellow, mustard. Actual and rich, deep tones, which are ideal ladies balzakovskogo age. It is emerald, chocolate, burgundy, terracotta, dark blue, burgundy.

What can be combined such a coat?

With what to wear a coat of alpaca? A lot of options:

  • A fitted elegant coat is best worn over the dress-case.
  • Strict models of straight or fitted cut with a belt are combined with classic suits.
  • Oversize youth coat can be combined with boyfriend jeans. Suit and trendy loose pajama suits.
  • More feminine models are in harmony with skinny pants and jeans: classic straight or skinny skinny. Complement them with shirts, blouses, sweaters and pullovers.
  • Fashionable coat can be combined with knitted dresses models "noodles", as well as sweater.
  • Under a lightweight coat with short sleeves, you can wear a sexy cocktail dress.

The choice of shoes depends on the coat model and involves creating an image in the same style. You can choose boots, neat boots with tight tops, semi-boots, ankle boots on wedges or heels. In warm weather, shoe loafers, pumps, oxfords or ballet flats.

Accessories will refresh and complement the image. Experiment with hats, picking up hats, scarves, hats, berets. Wear feminine gloves. The coat with a laconic collar or without it allows for a scarf, tippet or snood.And don't forget the purse. This can be a sophisticated clutch, roomy shopper, fashionable envelope bag or the original model box.

How to care for a coat?

Care for alpaca items requires adherence to a few rules:

  1. Wash the thing only in cool water at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees.
  2. Hand wash is required using special products for wool.
  3. In case of heavy pollution it is advisable to dry the thing.
  4. Do not use chemicals to protect against pests: they spoil the smell of the material and have a detrimental effect on it.
  5. Drying in natural conditions is necessary without pressing. Spread the coat on a horizontal surface, removing it from heat sources.
  6. Ironing is done at minimum temperatures through wet gauze. Steam allowed.
  7. You can straighten or comb the pile using a dry soft brush.

Fashionable alpaca coat will occupy a worthy place in your wardrobe and allow you to create stylish images.

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