False alarm or x hour: how to distinguish training fights?

Features of training bouts In the ninth month, any unusual state of the body can be perceived by a woman as the beginning of labor activity. Especially if she is pregnant for the first time. In fact, since the 37th week, most women in the position experience training contractions - a natural uterine contraction, which is aimed at preparing the body for the upcoming labor. It is important to know how to distinguish training fights from real ones. After all, otherwise you will put yourself in an awkward position in front of the medical team that came to take you to the maternity hospital or to the gynecologist who rushed to you from a warm bed. After learning how to distinguish training fights, you can better understand what is happening inside you, find contact with your baby and be filled with tranquility.

Features of training bouts

Before running a marathon, we start running from short distances.Before passing the exam at school, we prepare for it for a long time with textbooks and notebooks. So does our body. Childbirth is a process for which nature gradually prepared us from the first days of life, but before their attack the body should undergo a so-called intensive training. Since all women are individual, some of them will not feel the preparation of the body, the tone and contractions of the uterus at all. Others will feel quite painful during training fights and even think that the labor activity has begun.
For the first time, he explained how to distinguish training fights from a tone and the beginning of real labor, Braxton Hicks in 1872. Now they are sometimes called his name.
Features of training bouts

Training fights can be distinguished by the following features:


  • their duration ranges from half a minute to 2 minutes;
  • in the lower back or lower abdomen, the pregnant feels pulling sensations;
  • Contractions are rare and irregular. They can attack with an interval of 4-5 hours;
  • pain is like feeling during menstruation;
  • the abdomen becomes hard and tense;
  • knowing some tricks, pregnant can eliminate discomfort.

The universal answer of women who have already given birth about real bouts is difficult to confuse them with training ones. A pregnant woman will understand for sure that the hour of X has come, when the pain is unbearable, to give to the spine, accompanied by leakage of amniotic fluid, convulsions and in some cases diarrhea. In addition, with these signs of the onset of labor, contractions will become stronger and more frequent.
Features of training bouts

What to do if training bouts began?

For a start, a woman should calm down and pull herself together. If she calls her husband and scares him, the next time the spouse may be skeptical about the call.
Features of training bouts
Pregnant women are recommended to lie down and relax or to be distracted by some important matter. For example, make a tasty and healthy dinner. You can read the forum, which describes how to distinguish training fights. Getting rid of pain will help:

  • walk through the fresh air;
  • warm shower;
  • herbal tea or warm milk;
  • sleep;
  • lumbar massage;
  • urination.

If the discomfort does not stop, but intensifies, discharge begins to appear from the vagina, and the pain is hard to endure, it is better for the woman to see a doctor.Especially if she is pregnant a second time. Indeed, in this case, the uterus is revealed faster, and childbirth is carried out under an accelerated program.

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