Fabric toys - soft and warm gifts

Many adults carefully store their soft toys, which they played and sweetly fell asleep when they were small. Perhaps it was a favorite bear, a cat or a bunny, it's completely unimportant, but what is important is that in a certain period of life these characters became real friends for them.

But time flies quickly, and now our children are playing with these toys, evoking tenderness and childhood memories of the older generation. Many child psychologists say that every child, whose age is already over 2 years old, must have soft toys, different by touch and size, they help him develop and learn the world from a new angle.


Naturally, to pamper your child, parents, first of all go to the toy store to choose the most lovely, beautiful and best specimen. That's really the expanse of something else: starting from the classic bears, ending with various popular superheroes and cartoon characters, choose - I do not want!

But, of course, soft toys made with their own hands can never be compared with the shop. Filled with parental love and care, charged by the positive energy of the creator, they become a real talisman for your baby, and when he becomes older, and a symbolic sign that will always remind him of his parents.


Such toys turn out to be unique and valuable creations; you can always invest all your ideas in them in order to get such a result that you cannot buy for any money in the store.

If you think that this is very difficult and time-consuming exercise, then you are mistaken. We will be happy to tell you how to make soft toys out of cloth with your own hands, while receiving pleasure from the process and, not least, the expected result.

Always involve the whole family in the process: the child will be able to cope with almost every stage of creation, and where he cannot, his parents will always help him.

Such classes are extremely useful for small fidgets: he teaches them to follow the rules and certain instructions, in addition to this, handicraft develops fine motor skills of hands, attention and perseverance.

Even father, we will not leave aside who, if not he will show the kid how to properly handle the wire for the toy frame, pliers and an awl, which you may need when working with dense materials.

What do we need to create toys?

  • Naturally, it is a fabric. Any shreds that are lying around in your home can be useful and still no practical use can be carried for a long time, but only litter the mezzanine. Materials can be very different, for example, knit fabrics are easy to reach, so they are great for any toys. Cotton always win their bright colors, which looks very nice as a dress for a doll or applique. Velor and velvet are ideal for creating the "wool" of an animal, but from felt-filled fabrics, felt, for example, it is very convenient to cut out small details.
  • Do not forget about the decoration of toys: pieces of lace, leather, colorful ribbons, fur and oilcloth can fit.
  • To create a decor and elements of figures, you may need buttons, beads or small beads, from which you can make eyes, smile and noses.
  • Do not forget about the material for filling: usually it is cotton wool or foam rubber, you may need calcined buckwheat (to weight individual parts of the toy).If at home there is an old unnecessary pillow, then the filler can be borrowed from her.
  • For frame toys, we store wire and cardboard, and for installation - with pliers and an awl.
  • As we will sew toys, we do not forget about the most important thing: a set of needles, scissors, as well as threads of the most different colors and structures.
  • Centimeter and ruler, as well as chalk or ballpoint pen for cutting.

Where to get patterns?

If you have a great imagination, and also have experience in tailoring clothes or toys, then you can work on the pattern yourself, though, really, it is quite difficult.

Easter bunny

The easiest option is to find the patterns you like on the Internet, where you can see the final result, as well as all the recommendations for sewing. Also, interesting options can be found in specialized publications and magazines.

Another way is to cut the old, outdated toy, and make a pattern on it.

In specialized stores, even whole sets for needlewomen are sold, in which, besides the pattern, practically everything needed to create a soft toy will be folded.

On the one hand, this is a big plus,on the other hand, there are also disadvantages: with the help of such a set you cannot realize all your creative fantasies, since you will have to act strictly according to the instructions proposed by the developer of this set. If you create a toy with your own hands, starting from the very beginning, you will be able to realize yourself fully.

Small secrets for beginners needlework

Handmade toys are a great opportunity to try yourself in something new, to rally household members for a common cause, as well as to spend your free time with benefit and pleasure.


In addition, if you start to get something, such products can be an excellent gift, both for the child and for any adult, the main thing is to know exactly who will really like it. But in order for the products to really turn out beautiful and original, you need to get acquainted with a few highlights of needlework. So, here are a few of them.

Virtually the entire sewing process consists of processing small parts, and here there is a trick. Once you have transferred the pattern to the fabric, do not rush to cut it immediately, you risk not guessing with an allowance.

Smart cat

Therefore, to start, stitch or sew all the necessary parts by hand, and only then begin to cut, leaving a seam allowance of about 3 mm. If there are places with concave or curved lines, then in these places, it is desirable to slightly cut the fabric, not reaching the seam line. Thus, when you turn this element from the wrong side, it will not pull and puff up.

The whole process of creating a toy consists of several basic steps: initially, the fabric must always be washed, dried and ironed.

Separate parts of the toy are cut out (it is better to do this with a ballpoint pen, since basting with chalk can distort the actual dimensions), are stitched, cut out, packed with internal filler.

The final stage is the combination of individual parts of the toy together, after which small details are attached to it - eyes, beak or mouth, clothing elements.

Delight your loved ones with soft gifts.

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