Fabric Flower on March 8

It can be made as a decoration as a gift on March 8, or Mother's Day. Babies are available crafts from a fabric that retains its shape, not crumbling around the edges, but at the same time soft and well-cut. It can be felt, drape or cloth.

The main task of an adult is to help the child make the workpiece, and then you can just guide the process.

Flower made of cloth on March 8A fabric flower on March 8

We suggest making an interesting flower from a fabric on March 8. For this you will need:

  1. Felt of three colors: green for leaves, any color for petals and a little bright felt for the middle.
  2. Transparent polymer glue (it is often used for building works). You can also use an adhesive gun if the child is careful and careful.
  3. Scissors with blunt ends and zigzag.
  4. Template paper and pencil
  5. Sewing machine or ordinary needle with thread.
  6. Vata,holofiber or any other filler.

Getting started.

We make several paper templates: a large circle - the base of a flower, a smaller circle - its middle.

Then we harvest patterns of petals of different sizes and leaves. We outline them on the fabric, cut. If you have no doubt in your abilities, you can do without paper blanks, drawing the details immediately on the felt. For one flower, you need to make: two large circle-bases, four petals, 5-6 round centers and about twenty-five petals.

Cut the petals

Cut the petals

We cut Leaves

Cutting the leaves

We sew the circles-bases together, leaving a small cut for filling the craft with cotton wool or a holofiber.

 Circle with a hole

Circle with hole

We start a flower with a filler.

Then we draw streaks on the leaves and sew them along these lines. We cut the edges with decorative (zigzag) scissors.

 They filled the core and sewed it up

They filled the core and sewed it up

Sew the leaves into that placewhere we left space to enter the filler. Then trim the edge at the base of the flower with decorative scissors.

 We sew the leaves

We sew the leaves

We start making the petals. At the base of each of them, we apply a strip of glue and bend the base in half to make a fold.

 Put glue on the petal

Put glue on the petal

Squeezed it

Squeezed it

 Anointed at the compression site

Anointed at the compression location

Such a petal with a fold, glue to the outer edge of the base of the flower, then another, and so on in a circle.
 Paste in a circle

Paste in a circle

The next circle is made from smaller petals.

 Next circle

Next circle

We continue to stick the petals until we have left a small space in the center of the flower for the heart.

Remaining space for the core

Making the core. Each pre-prepared circle is cut along the edges with decorative scissors.

 Core blanks

Core blanks

Then we drop some glue into it, we fold in such a way that the trelistnik turns out (first bend in half, and then squeeze from the sides).

ru / wp-content / uploads / 2014/10 / tsv4.jpg "alt =" We compress the workpiece "width =" 400 "height =" 267 ">

We compress the workpiece

 Squeeze as in the photo Compress as in the photo

We glue the part to the outer edge of the space left for the core. Next we glue the next element, and so on until the heart is full.

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