Forum Experts
Relationship expert
Olga Kraynova - a writer, TV host, founder of the school of female wisdom "Good wife." The author of 10 unique training programs aimed at helping women in solving family problems and young girls who intend to start a family.
Hereditary magician, psychic, parapsychologist, psychologist. Certified member of the Professional Medical Association of Traditional and Traditional Medicine Specialists (RAN). Work experience is 13 years.
Psychologist, Ph.D.
Oksana Dubrovskaya - psychologist, candidate of psychological sciences. The experience of conducting psychological counseling is 20 years. From the first person: "The basis of my work is to help you begin to live and act consciously."
Finance expert
Anna Cherepanina - financial advisor, traveler, investor. The founder of the community “Money in Goodness” is a place where you can easily and naturally in the game format get the basic skills of drawing up a family budget and dealing with personal finances.
Psychologist, Ph.D.
She graduated from the Kiev Institute of Psychology named after G.S. Kostyuk,where she successfully defended her thesis on the psychology of personality on the topic "Emotional Intelligence". Candidate of psychological sciences.
Zoya Alexandrovna - cosmetologist She graduated with honors from the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov with a degree in General Medicine.
Natalia Dombrovskaya - a breastfeeding friendly endocrinologist, blogger. Experience in the specialty - 9 years.
Natalia Petrova - practicing oncologist, chemotherapist, blogger. Her motto is just about the difficult, accessible - about the important. From the first person: "Perhaps, there is no other section of medicine surrounded by a large number of myths, fears, delusions than oncology"
Astrologer, expert of the program "Other World" Tasha has over 7 years of practice, training at the Moscow Academy of Astrology, 3 higher educations, participation in conferences with scientific research in the field of astrology.
Career consultant
Nuriya Arkhipova - Business Coach, Director of Development for the Agency for Effective Personnel Management SLG. From the first person "If you want to achieve something, you need to start from the bottom to go all the way and become a boss."

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