Evening dresses for obese women - beautiful styles


For owners of magnificent forms, the choice of wardrobe is always an urgent problem, in particular, it is difficult to purchase evening dresses for obese women. If a thoughtless approach to this decision, the imperfections of the silhouette are capable of playing a cruel joke, and the flaws will not only not be hidden, but, on the contrary, emphasized. To choose the right outfit, you can preview the photo, which presents stylish and fashionable evening dresses for obese women.

Important recommendations

To find your perfect evening dress, fat women should consider the following recommendations:

  • usually ladies with a luxuriant physique can boast of large and beautiful breasts, which must necessarily be emphasized by elements of the wardrobe - luxurious bust is distinguished by dresses with a narrowed neckline with lace trim and open neckline;
  • short models of evening dresses for obese women are not recommended, at least, you need to choose an average length;
  • it is undesirable to purchase fluffy long dresses, although some models are suitable, slightly expanding downwards;
  • tight fitting outfits for magnificent shapes are not suitable, because they will highlight all the shortcomings of the figure - hide the shortcomings will help clothes consisting of several layers, with flowing folds or drapery;
  • if a woman has big hands, she should not choose a dress with sleeves-lanterns, extending from the shoulder, it is preferable to put a bolero on top.


These recommendations must be taken into account in order to get a beautiful image.

Stylish options for evening dresses for fat women

To make a full woman in a dress look not just beautiful, but elegant, when choosing a dress you should take into account color, style and type of fabric.


Ideal shades for evening dresses that are suitable for full women are:

  • Gray;
  • graphite;
  • green;
  • terracotta;
  • azure;
  • silver;
  • peach;
  • brown;
  • emerald;
  • blue.

Especially appreciated stylish black dresses. They visually reduce the volume and make a slimmer figure, give mystery and elegance to the image.

The photo shows the styles of evening dresses for obese women.





It is important to choose the style, based on the type of figure:

  • apple (broad shoulders, narrow hips and protruding belly)- Fit outfits with a V-neck, models that make the hips wider;
  • pear (small breasts, relatively thin waist, wide hips)- Evening dresses should be with a volley top and a fluffy bottom;
  • hourglass (thin waist, hips and breasts of the same volume)- Ladies with this physique fit almost any model of evening dresses.

the cloth

As for the fabric, the choice is to abandon knitwear. Pay attention to the following types of fabrics:

  • velvet;
  • atlas;
  • silk;
  • chiffon;
  • guipure;
  • lace.




Dresses for full girls

As you know, all the girls, without exception, regardless of form, want to look gorgeous. Young women of fashion who do not have the perfect figure, can also create a beautiful image, if you choose the right outfit. The main thing is not to demonstrate their own shortcomings.


Usually for full clothes suitable straight styles, and the excess weight is hidden with carefully selected patterns or drapes.

Stylists give the following advice on the choice of evening dresses for full girls:

  • in the presence of large legs, it is desirable to pay attention to the dress that comes to the middle of the knee;

On a note! High-heeled shoes will help to lengthen legs and make them slimmer. Since curly-shaped ladies do not wear studs, the heel should be wide.

  • if the girl is not too beautiful hands, it will suit a dress with a sleeve ¾, you can also prefer to cut the "bat" (it is undesirable to wear sleeveless clothes, with "flashlights" or "petals".

These recommendations are very important, because ignoring them will make the image look ridiculous.


Dresses for older women

A woman at any age is able to surprise others. To impress and make your image chic, you need to choose the right outfit. Even the most gorgeous evening dresses for obese women can become homely, if not listen to the recommendations of experts. For example, the fair sex, who have crossed the 50-year boundary, should not open the decollete, because the skin has already lost elasticity and elasticity. Therefore, if the dress has a deep V-neck, it is better to leave it for young fashionistas.

For obese older women, it is recommended to pay attention to clothing that covers the shoulders and arms. Short dresses are already banned, because they look ridiculous. The minimum length is up to the knee. In the elderly, it is important to use corrective underwear.

The photo shows models of stylish evening dresses for obese older women.



Dresses for short women

The choice of clothing for the full affects growth. The lower it is, the more magnificent forms appear, so choosing a set for a festive evening becomes a real problem. Such women are advised to pay attention to outfits that are able to visually stretch the silhouette, which automatically visually makes the figure slimmer.



This task is handled by stylish dresses with contrasting color inserts, vertical lines, slightly flared bottom.


Dresses for ladies with stand out belly

Usually trying to disguise the bulging belly under the free baggy clothes. Many hold the opinion that the overalls hide all the flaws of the figure. It is worth noting that this is wrong. Stylists recommend that full women, who have a bulging tummy, pay attention to the evening dresses of the A-silhouette, Greek robes, with the smell.


Looks seductively outfits with cuts in the form of a triangle, which slightly open the chest, creating a sexy image. For obese women with eye-catching tummy fit outfits with a waistline, passing under the breast.



Long evening dresses

For most models of stylish evening dresses, especially for obese women, the bottom comes to the floor. As for the styles of mini, they are less popular. In the photo you can see what kind of festive short dresses exist for obese women.




Long evening dresses completely hide large legs, which is an advantage for ladies with curvaceous. In addition, these models indicate the good taste of their owners, emphasizes style.

Such styles of long dresses for complete are known:

  • a sundress on wide straps (one or two), in which the hangers are seductively laid bare, the attire can be complemented by lace, sequins, rhinestones or beads;
  • evening dresses made of velvet - this material has unique properties, due to which it is possible to hide figure flaws;
  • Greek outfits - for full ladies are perfect models collected under the breast, which makes it possible to divert attention from the shortcomings.

If you choose the right fit and silhouette of an evening look, any woman will feel like a queen.

Short evening dresses

Despite the fact that stylists recommend full women to pay attention to long evening dresses, some decide to buy mini outfits. Indeed, some ladies with curvaceous can afford such extravagant attire. It is desirable to have at the same time smooth beautiful legs, which, however, is also relevant for thin women.




As a rule, for full ladies it is worth choosing short evening dresses in the form of a case. Not less interesting are the models of straight cut, which are decorated in the waist area. Also look good with flared flared skirt options.


Thus, choosing an elegant evening dress for obese women is not a problem if you listen to the recommendations of stylists. And the variety of photos with models of outfits is a clear confirmation of this.

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