Entertainment for the wedding anniversary

Once upon a time young people were just beginning their journey, and very soon you will have to be the organizer of contests and entertainment for the anniversary of the wedding of grown-up and life-seeing lovers. And if they can be comical and even hooliganism, then the competitive program for the anniversary of the wedding should be more restrained, because the friends of the anniversaries grew up with them.

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The entertaining program of the jubilee almost always includes contests that in one way or another tell about the life of a husband and wife, emphasize the warmth in their relationship.

We suggest that you take note of the entertainment presented for the anniversary of the wedding of your friends or parents - it is so pleasant to make surprises, even if the hero of the day is no longer twenty years old.

Wedding Anniversary Contests

By the way, these contests are suitable for both the first anniversary and the anniversary for ten or even thirty years.

Jack of all trades

Long ago, our grandmothers could knit a sweater to a grandson with almost closed eyes.Can the girls present with the bride be able to perform such a task with one hand?

The essence of the game: the participants are divided into groups of three people, each group is given thin ropes, tied in three in one bundle. One girl holds a rope, well, the task of the other two is to braid the pigtail, but you need to do this with one hand. An obligatory condition of competition - girls should use only the left hand.

The winner is the group that can make the product, most of all similar to a real pigtail. In this game, the ability to work in a team under any circumstances will be an advantage.


This easy game will relax the guests and give the opportunity for heroes to relax from congratulations and feasts, and how to laugh. For the competition, you will need clothespins and handkerchiefs with which the participants are blindfolded. All participants are divided in pairs into groups, one on the clothes anchor attaches a lot of clothespins, well, the partners in the game with blindfolds must find all the clothespins on their companion. The winner is the one who first finds and removes all clothespins from a partner.

Jokes end

If active games and competitions on the anniversary of your friends' wedding are not the most suitable option, you can have fun right at the table.

This competition does not require special props, and all you need is a good memory or jokes that were recorded on paper in advance. The presenter reads the beginning of the joke, and the participants will have to come up with a dull end. Whose sequel, in the opinion of the guests, will be the most ridiculous, and he scores a point. The competition can last for the whole evening, and at the end of the feast the leader calculates the points of the participants and announces the winner.

Examples of jokes:

  1. The groom did not have enough money to buy the bride, so the celebration was postponed ... (until the salary of the gentleman).
  2. On the bachelor party on the eve of the wedding, the groom got so drunk that he landed in the sobering-up center. For the first time in the history of mankind in the morning on the day of marriage registration, the bride had to ... (buy out the groom).
  3. At the wedding of the prosecutor's daughter, the daredevil who stole the bride's shoe received ... (the term with the confiscation of the stolen property).

You can come up with a lot of different jokes that somehow relate to the conjugal life of the jubilees - a good mood for guests and lovers is guaranteed!

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Stars and love

Another entertaining memory game. Participants will take turns to call a couple of celebrities who have lived together, for example, more than ten years, or lived to a golden wedding with one family. The contest will appeal not only to film fans (Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) - participants can give examples of historical couples who were faithful. For example, Ruslan and Lyudmila, Romeo and Juliet, and so on.

The contest ends when the participants will not be able to remember any famous couples. Then the presenter announces the winner, who named the largest number of married or just in love couples.

The entertainment program on the anniversary of the wedding

If you have been entrusted with organizing an entertainment program for a wedding anniversary, we will be happy to advise you on how to entertain guests and anniversaries.

Since the husband and wife are always young in their soul, it is worth paying attention to such entertainment, from which the spouses will not get physically tired, but will be in emotional delight. After all, the anniversary of the wedding is a holiday not only for guests, but more for the jubilee, and friends should take care that lovers do not get bored this evening.


In addition to congratulations and gifts on the anniversary of any wedding should be fun games, contests and other entertainment. One of the most romantic entertainments for guests and the husband and wife themselves will be a film about how the couple’s relationship has evolved. Children, grandchildren and friends of anniversaries can pre-create a short video using photos of the couple. It is possible to beat the video with comic phrases written on every funny photo.


If there is an artist in your company, you can ask him to draw cartoons for a husband and wife. To do this, it is not necessary to pose - a real artist watches others around him all evening, so he can easily depict a couple on the canvas.

You can also ask guests to draw portraits of lovers - this is quite a fun activity, especially if many of the guests do not have artistic talent. Give the finished drawings to the heroes of the day.

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Men bake cake

If the banquet is held at home, the men's team can make a gift for women — bake some uncomplicated cake, and decorate it with a scattering of edible pearls, if this is a pearl wedding, for example. The fair sex will be able to laugh heartily overhow their cavaliers are trying to cope with kitchen utensils and learn to understand the purpose of certain products.

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Pearl Wedding Contests

The thirtieth anniversary of the wedding - the event is as exciting as the day of the wedding. Spouses who have lived in love and fidelity for many years want the wedding anniversary to be remembered for a long time and leave only pleasant memories.

Find your favorite

This game will show how well a husband knows his beloved, because they have been together for more than a quarter of a century.

The spouse is blindfolded, all women present are in a row or semicircle. The task of the hero of the day is to find his soul mate by the hands. If a man did not recognize his darling - he will fulfill the desire of his wife, but it can be comic or tricky, so that the evening was fun. You can also try to find out your favorite by other parts of the body, for example, by the nose, by the ear lobe, by the hair.

Learn pearls

A variation of this game can be a competition among men: each lady comes in her pearl necklace. Of course, everyone has different tastes, and necklaces will be different. The presenter, secretly from the representatives of the stronger sex, collects all the necklaces in one box, and the men will have to find the jewelry of their lady.Those who quickly find the decoration of the beloved, go to the next round. Next, you can use earrings, rings and other little things that men do not always pay attention to. The competition lasts as long as one winner remains - the most attentive man.


No anniversary is complete without toasts, so the competition for the best toast for the anniversary wedding of pearl wedding will be very useful.

The main condition - a toast should be thematic, invented "around" pearls. That is, in every wish the participant should use an aphorism or a parable about pearls and mention that the marriage of heroes is as strong as pearls, and it can not be destroyed by any troubles.

Dance competition

We are always young and ready for feats, so we cannot do without a dance competition at a pearl wedding. The presenter is invited to pick up pearl jewelry for dancing, and give out one to each participant. Well, the guests' task is to dance some special dance to merry music.

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Golden Wedding Contests

Golden wedding is a significant anniversary, and on this special day the contests should be just as unique.

If you have exhausted the stock of your ideas and used a lot of entertainment for the previous wedding anniversaries, we offer you another selection of fun and simple contests that will become an adornment of the evening.

Cut out the name

This game will be a worthy addition to the entertainment program for any wedding or wedding anniversary.

How the competition goes: the participants are men, each is given a big apple and a knife (or scissors - which is more convenient for someone). The task is to cut the name of the beloved on your apple (if of course, this is a short name). Who will cope with the task faster, he becomes the winner.

Watching this difficult race is a pleasure!

Chamomile dates

Friends of the anniversary make a big chamomile out of paper and improvised means. On each petal, you must write a date associated with the life of the spouses. Anniversaries will have to guess every date, telling the guests what was happening in their life that day.

This competition will remind you how many bright moments the husband and wife went through together, and how rich their golden life was.

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Fashion designers

This simple contest is suitable for two teams - the participants are divided into a team of men and a team of women.The facilitator will determine the winners.

The essence of the competition: since the anniversaries had a lot to see in their lives, they know firsthand how to look attractive to their second half. The teams' task is to create original images for the heroes of the day, using their clothes and improvised means (they can be both precious jewelry and silver teaspoons, inflatable balls and other unusual little things). When the teams are ready, the spouses go to the podium and pose for the lead, well, and his task is to choose a winner whose outfit seems more daring and unusual.

Of course, not all submitted contests are suitable for spouses, for jubilees celebrating a golden wedding, often for seventy or more years. Therefore, if your grandparents can not be too active at the festival, attract young guests - children and grandchildren to entertainment. Youth creative approach to solving tasks, and will not let you get bored.


Wedding anniversary is a significant event, and people of mature age know a lot about celebrations. Modern spouses will be able to offer you many interesting contests. For example,a competition for the knowledge of parents' preferences — the presenter asks children and grandchildren questions regarding the tastes of their parents, and the goal of the younger generation is to give the correct answers. This competition will show how close the bond between adults and children is, and how strong family ties are.

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We hope that the entertainment program you proposed for the wedding anniversary you liked.

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