English style garden

The creation of such a garden requires compliance with the rules: free planning area. If we are talking about a pond, a stream, the shape of a flower bed or a path, then they must have a natural shape. In the flower garden - the “colorful” varieties of wild plants and decorative flowers also live.
In a mixborder, plants with monochromatic small inflorescences and large inflorescences of cheerful colors can be present simultaneously. Crimson, purple, blue and many other flowers can fill the garden in the English style.
An important decorative element of the English garden is a green lawn. Green carpet emphasizes shade on your site, creating a feeling of pleasure and tranquility. To achieve this effect allow English high-quality lawns, the seeds of which do not contain any weeds. The whole family can rest on a luxurious lawn carefree, as the grass is not afraid of trampling after germination.
On the territory of our country, landscape English style is often used in landscape design of territories.For example, landscape designers arrange a rose garden, plant ivy so that its leaves twine around the house, bath, gazebo, create borders of fresh flowers. The only nuance is the choice of plants that are resistant to the Russian climate and temperature extremes.
Turning your own plot into an English charming garden is easy. It is enough to look through several galleries with photos of the territories, whose design is made in landscape style, and then draw your sketch.
In the end, you can get a great pond with a steep bank with an implicit contour.

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