Emmy 2017 winners announced

You do not know for what series to spend long autumn evenings? Then do not miss the winners of the 69th Emmy Award, which took place in Los Angeles last weekend. Without exaggeration, the list of laureates includes the best of the best TV shows of this year, and if you haven’t yet watched them, start, you will not regret! There, and the film adaptation of the novel by Margaret Atwood "The Handmaid's Tale" (a utopia in which women, still capable of having children, are transformed into Handmaids), and "Big Little Lie" ("Desperate Housewives" in a new way), and "It's us" ( the story of one family, and twisted so famously that it's just impossible to tear yourself away!), and the "Black Mirror" (an episode about a new, improved version of paradise), and much more! Choose: a complete list in front of you.

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