Emily Ratakovski interceded for Melania Trump

The model and activist Emily Ratakovski often protests, participates in rallies and actively condemns any manifestation of sexism. With her recent posts on Twitter, she not only once again emphasized that she was extremely serious about fighting for the rights of women, but also proved her impartiality in this matter. After all this time, Emily's "client" was herself ... the first lady of the USA Melania Trump.

So, despite the disapproval of Donald Trump’s policies, and in particular his scandalous immigration program, Emily decided to shame the journalist who insulted the first lady of the United States. “Yesterday, at the Grammy ceremony, the New York Times journalist sitting next to me called Melania Trump a woman of easy virtue,” Emily wrote in her Twitter account. “Such behavior is pure sexism, and political views have nothing to do with it.” "I do not care about her naked pictures and sex life and hardly anyone should care," - she added.“Similar attacks on women are a disgusting sexist nonsense,” Emily finished her online speech in defense of Melania.

The first lady of the United States did not remain in debt - she thanked Emily, writing on her Twitter: “Applause to all women around the world who are not afraid to speak out, fight for their rights and support other women.”

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