Effective treatment of cystitis folk remedies

Sad statistics say: more than fifty percent of women have experienced cystitis once in a lifetime. To cope with the disease in a timely manner and prevent the development of the chronic stage will help folk remedies and careful attitude to your body.

Unfortunately, more and more people, including those of relatively young age, are experiencing symptoms of such a disease as cystitis. Treatment with folk remedies in many cases can not only stop but also prevent both the onset and the development of cystitis, which in its advanced stages can turn into a much more dangerous disease - pyelonephritis.

The causes of cystitis are rooted in the physiological characteristics of the design of the urinary organs, insufficient attention to hygiene, hypothermia and the harmful effects of bacteria.

Of course, visiting the doctor, despite the sensitivity of the problem, is inevitable.

Long engaged in self-medication, you run the risk of earning chronic cystitis.Treatment of cystitis folk remedies can only save you from unpleasant symptoms.

Search for the true etiology of cystitis, you need to pass tests and in consultation with a good specialist. Only in this way you can destroy the root of the problem, which means, forever, say goodbye to the cutting pain in the lower abdomen, constant running to the toilet and blood in the urine. Very often, diseases that accompanies and which provokes cystitis, it is useless to treat with folk remedies. But it is possible and necessary to help yourself at first with the methods at hand.

Hygiene and warming

The first thing worth paying close attention to is hygiene and warmth. Wash and dry thoroughly with a dry, clean towel. Panties should be steamed with an iron during this period. Not to mention that you can not overdo it with warming up. You can use a heating pad or salt cooked in a frying pan - not so important.

The heat should not be too intense, pleasant, relaxing and dry. Warm up is the lower abdomen and pubic area, the procedure can not be repeated more than four times a day. And remember the purity on the verge of sterility - in the warmth the bacteria multiply faster, and during the period of exacerbation of the cystitis the immunity decreases,be extremely attentive to your body - and the disease will recede faster.


It is best to buy in the pharmacy a ready-made mixture of herbs for the treatment of cystitis, but if there is no such possibility, the experience of our grandmothers will fit. The leader in the treatment of cystitis and the maintenance of women's health in general - knotweed, he is a bird of the mountains. Yes, this is the same soft roadside grass with oval leaves. If you use a decoction of knotweed regularly, the symptoms of cystitis can be forgotten for a very long time. Excellent help seeds of parsley and bearberry, as well as yarrow. Dry grass should be brewed in the calculation of one or two tablespoons per cup of boiling water. Drink infusions of herbs preferably in the form of heat and sips.

One of the best and most ancient folk remedies that help with cystitis, especially caused by hypothermia, is a warm decoction of pine nuts (to insist half a cup of shells in half a liter of boiling water). In addition to high efficiency, this drink has a pleasant taste. Taiga healers claimed that with this simple medicine they were able to quickly put people on their feet, even with very strong pains in the bladder area.

A special place in the treatment of cystitis by folk methods is a decoction of sunflower roots. To prepare this medicine, you need to dig up the roots of sunflower in the fall, wash, chop and dry them. Next, you need 200 g of the root pour two or three liters of boiling water, then insist the mixture in a thermos or boil for three to five minutes. Take a decoction of sunflower roots must be three times a day for half a cup during the month. The course of treatment should be repeated a month later, even in the absence of symptoms.


Warm phytobaths with cystitis combine two methods - warming up and phytotherapy. It is best to use disinfecting, anti-inflammatory herbs for such baths: chamomile, calendula, string. You can add a decoction of eucalyptus leaves, it perfectly disinfects. In addition, adherents of traditional medicine are advised to pour into a bath a decoction of spruce or pine branches, as well as infusion of birch leaves.

Having a tendency to the appearance of symptoms of cystitis, do not forget about prevention - however trite it may sound, it often helps to avoid serious health problems.So, if you have at least once in your life manifested symptoms of cystitis, it is worth following the following simple rules: wear only cotton underwear, try not to swim in open water, do not overcool and carefully observe hygiene.

Recall that for whatever reason, there was no cystitis, treatment with folk remedies is only a temporary method, and it is at the first opportunity to see a doctor. At least to avoid having to resort to either folk methods or to medical treatment in the future.

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