Materials: - Beads - 6 pcs. -Scissors -Pieces -Cushion for weaving -Tyre for macrame -Bowers Let's start: We cut off the strings of 70 cm in length in the quantity of four pieces. We put the thread in half and fasten it on the pillow with pins in the middle. Use left thread to make a rep knot on the right thread.
 Cut the strings
 knot on the right thread
Right under the thread we pin one more thread (also in the middle).
 we pin another thread
With the left bottom thread we perform a rep node on the left top th thread. We do the same on the right. Next, we make 4 rep nodes on both sides.
 perform rep node
Next from both sides do
Insert into the outer threads 1 bead and weave a rep knot on both sides.
Paste into extreme threads
direct to the middle and do the
The worker threads are directed to the middle and do 3 rep nodes on each side.
 We put on a bead on both medium threads
 We put a bead on both middle threads
Wearing I have a bead on both middle threads.
 Making from each side
Making from each side 1 rep node. And now with 4 threads make a square knot, well tightening the thread. Retreat a little and cut off the extra length.
We make the second earring exactly the same, then we insert rings and earrings.
 Earrings in the macrame technique
Trendy and bright earrings are ready.

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