Drinking coffee: good or bad

Why do we drink this "devilish" drink and can not stop?

  • The first reason. Coffee is invigorating. The caffeine molecules in our bodies slyly pretend to be molecules of another substance - adenosine. For him, there are special receptors in the brain cells. When adenosine fuses with its receptors in a friendly embrace, the person feels an overwhelming desire to sleep. Caffeine pretends that it is also slightly adenosine, and the brain receptors gladly accept it. After that, the reverse reaction begins - drowsiness as with a hand removes: adenosine has nowhere to land, the receptors are all busy. Caffeine starts the party!
  • The second reason. Coffee helps to think. Caffeine improves the functioning of the cerebral hemispheres. He gives rise to thinking abilities. Increases attentiveness and speed of reaction.
  • The third reason. Coffee cheers up. This effect is due to the release of dopamine. Three sips of coffee - and the colors around are getting brighter, the birds are singing more melodically, and the faces of the people around them are kinder.
  • The fourth reason.Sugar and milk. They put a lot of sugar in coffee. And add milk, which also contains sugar - galactose. All this also contributes to the development of dopamine. And in combination with caffeine, it literally cracks the dopamine system of the brain, and it gives a volley of happiness of unprecedented power. However, with each subsequent cup of coffee the effect becomes less noticeable.

Drinking coffee: good or bad

Coffee can be harmful

Caffeine does with our body and a few unpleasant pieces. He is dehydrating. In people with a mobile type of nervous system, caffeine can cause heart palpitations, trembling hands, and increased anxiety. Coffee on an empty stomach is not the best way to interact with the gastric mucosa, irritates her. So, those who have gastritis or peptic ulcer disease may become bad.

And most importantly, if you enjoy the positive effects of coffee every day, there is a need to continue. Despite the fact that the benefits of drinking this drink are becoming less noticeable.

Brain fool

Caffeine, as we recall, takes all the adenosine receptors in the brain. In coffeemakers with experience, the number of receptors increases - so the brain tries to create a loophole for adenosine, which is left out of work.It is worth the man to give up coffee, and after a few hours the molecules of caffeine leave the tenacious embrace of adenosine receptors. And adenosine, on the contrary, rushes them to occupy. The result - drowsiness, lethargy, the inability to focus on what is happening and perform even the simplest tasks. The brain commands the body: “Sleep!”

This is called caffeine withdrawal and is familiar to every coffee lover who is without a blessed drink for one reason or another. A few days of decaffeinated hell is not easy to survive. Especially if you are an ordinary person who should have time to work actively, work out sports, spend time with the family ... That is, to complete a huge list of tasks that does not fit in 24 hours if you have an ordinary brain that is not psychostimulant.

Time inhibitor

We are forced to take caffeine for this very reason: the world has accelerated too much, and the brain does not keep up with it. The unreal number of tasks falls on an unhappy little head of a simple person, which is presented by the public as the norm. And be so kind as to conform, my friend, otherwise we will inscribe you as losers with all instagram.

Social networks show us the ideal, all-time moms. Smiling sweetly, they tell you how to give birth to three kids-pogodok, open your own business, do fitness every day and have time to cook fresh meals according to recipes for proper nutrition. The fact that a babysitter or zadolbannaya mom of a fitness star sits with the children, a special service delivers meals, and the business is paid for and raised by the husband, is modestly silent.

And we, mere mortals, gloomily look at this vanilla orgy and pour ourselves more coffee. Or a third cup of tea. With a croissant. And chocolate. Hoping not to fall asleep with the smartphone in the chair, but still find a bit of motivation in yourself and do stretching. Or to wash the dishes. Or check out the lessons with the eldest.

Drinking coffee: good or bad

How to refuse coffee

Is there a chance to give up caffeine? Raw foodists and vegans could. But it seems that in the Vegan program “Give up caffeine” there is a crazy look, arguments about the inadmissibility of eating corpses, as well as about harmful parasites, slags and toxins. This leads to thoughts about the psychiatric symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency and does not cause the enthusiasm to repeat someone's desperate path.

Ability to abandon psychostimulants, including caffeine, in realizing the fact: an ordinary person has the right not to be a superhero. To cram work, sports, friends and family in one day is unreal. And trying to do this drives the body into stress. Therefore, it is necessary to give up all dreams and manage your days more wisely. For example, make the plan "drowse on the couch in the evening, amidst disorder and unfulfilled deeds."

Drinking coffee: good or bad

However, any daily physical activity is welcome. It helps to normalize blood glucose levels and minimize the manifestations of the “sugar swing”, when after each eaten candy or a cup of sweet coffee there is euphoria, and then insulin is released into the blood, the sugar is utilized in the bottom of the bottom, and the party ends with hunger, trembling hands and the desire to swallow some more of the same. Sport helps to overcome drowsiness, so to take a few laps of surya namaskar or take a quick walk in the park during the lunch break is not a bad life hacking. Such a physical exercise does not take power, but gives them. And this is a real chance to reach out without coffee until the evening.

Without gradualness, too, do not do. Coffee will have to be reduced by a little bit, if you do not want to know the full withdrawal syndrome. Great will be the temptation to go to black tea, which also contains a lot of caffeine, or unnoticed to fill up with sweet carbonated drinks. The brain is looking for ways to "recharge the battery" with sugar, chocolate and caffeine-containing beverages. Therefore, the story “I switched from harmful coffee to healthy green tea” is a story about replacing caffeine with caffeine, and there is nothing to be proud of.

Awareness is another way to reduce the amount of coffee consumed. If you are present in every minute of your life, not distracted by the dialogues in your own head, you can find interesting facts. For example, that only the first cup of coffee seems tasty. The second smacks of burnt rubber and creates an unpleasant sensation in the stomach. And the third, after a short period of euphoria, gives a wild desire to eat a half-refrigerator, and then an irresistible drowsiness. In other words, three cups of coffee a day is not tasty. But there are a lot of reasons to flood them, and an internal observer will help to open them.And maybe even eliminate - without the participation of caffeine, through the regulation of stressful situations, the establishment of a normal diet and physical activity.

Indulgence for a cup of coffee

What if the romance with coffee is too beautiful to complete? Of course, to stop torturing yourself with thoughts about how harmful it is to health (unless it is a question of diseases in which drinking coffee carries serious risks - you will have to show will and give up the coveted drink).

Perhaps a few cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. And they help slow the manifestations of the degeneration of nerve cells in those who suffer from impaired memory, attention and disorders of other cognitive functions.

Drinking coffee: good or bad

Moreover, the most optimistic researchers attribute these effects not to a temporary improvement in brain function due to blocking adenosine receptors, but to the antioxidant effect of the drink. That is, as long as some enlightened raw food eater meditates after a beet smoothie, you may surely overtake this upstart on the way to a happy old age in his right mind and solid memory, simply ordering a second coffee a day at a fast food restaurant.

And if these wonderful news will be further refuted, you can always hedge. Drink coffee without sugar. Drive from the coffee shop to work by bike, not by car. Do not run chronic diseases. And take care of your health in all other available ways.

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