Do you need expensive toys for your child?

One of the biggest expense items of an inexperienced mother is toys for the baby. Personally, I stayed for a couple of months, but then, as they say, Ostap suffered: I wanted to buy all the most beautiful and expensive. Problems arose already on the very first large purchases: it turned out to be absolutely impossible to find a rug with an arc of normal color. Too bright colors - a modern fad of manufacturers. I also chose further toys carefully among a countless stream of plastic-sounding objects of acidic shades - something that children's stores are 80 percent full of. These objects without constraint are called developmental toys - you press the button, from there a sharp nasty sound, and then nothing. What this option forms is completely unclear. The only function is to distract the child for a couple of minutes and the opportunity for mom to sit in silence or in her toy - the phone.

Caterpillars with vibration, toys-hybrids, electronic gizmos without identification - all of this, of course, came to our apartment with the help of friends and family, and of course I myself could panic that the kid has nothing to play with.Modern ingenious inventions are programmed for one or two actions: the child has nothing to do but to obey, but do not forget that the “smarter” the toy, the less your baby will think.

Do you need expensive toys for your child?

At some point, my patience ran out and I handed the child a spoon. An ordinary spoon for soup. We looked in her reflection, knocked her on the floor, the son even took her for a walk. A bowl and other silicone kitchen utensils joined the spoon - all kinds of shovels and mixers, containers and containers for anything, which became the starting point in the study of the surrounding domestic world in one apartment. Our little cook still with enthusiasm stirs everything in its path.

My belief after some small discoveries that the object that you give your baby to hold should be extremely simple and clear for you in the first place. Calm shades, pleasant to the touch materials, undistorted forms - these are important rules that are easy to follow. It is also necessary that the kid could easily control and manipulate the object himself: this is how his imagination and motor skills develop.

Dishes, paper cups, tubules, a spoon for shoes, shoelaces are a small part of what it is easy to take a child with.After all, what could be more interesting than research conducted by shifting objects from place to place?

Another of our hobbies were fridge magnets. I help my son only by glueing them half at the edge of the door - so he can take on a magnet, which is difficult to remove because of its flat shape. And then I watch with pleasure how he creates a new design and looks at the images with interest. Toys that imitate real adult things are still good, such as toy kitchen, items for cleaning, and a small iron. Soft toys become interesting after a year, when the child can already play characters, telling where the bear is, and where - the hare. Books are an obligatory attribute in the nursery: leafing through the pages together with the baby has a beneficial effect on the further desire to look at the book.

Do you need expensive toys for your child?

... A year has passed, in the corner of the nursery there is a huge box with monotonous gizmos, which the son does not even get. Therefore, go to shops less often, communicate with your child more often and share with him what you use yourself - in simple things there is more benefit and natural emotional contact between you.

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