DIY "musical" pendants: 3 ideas

DIY musical pendants 3 ideasThree ideas of pendants for people who are inspired by music, from materials for every taste - wire, strict frame and wooden thread spool.


1. Colored wire clef pendant


For this simple and elegant suspension you will need:


  • thick wire (not necessarily the usual "metallic" colors; there is a handmade wire of any color; for example, in the photo - pink);
  • lock and thin chain;
  • connecting ring;
  • round pliers and nippers.


"Musical" pendants with their own hands: 3 ideas


  1. Cut about 60 cm of wire and fold it in half. The length of the wire will depend on the size of the finished key; with these parameters, it will be about 6 cm in length.
  2. Thread the pliers to the bend and make an eyelet.
  3. Bend (as smoothly as possible) the main part of the wire at a distance of about 5 cm from the eyelet.
  4. Holding the wire with round pliers, flip the main part of it to the left so that the workpiece is under the main part. You will have a shape that looks a bit like an integral.
  5. Make a wide loop, passing the rest of the wire over the "integral", but under the loop itself.
  6. Make the last loop, small size, taking the wire under the entire figure.
  7. Bite off the wire cutters, twist and squeeze the end of the pliers.
  8. Attach the connecting ring to the top of the key, to the stretched eyelet, and through it, thread the chain with the lock at its ends.


The suspension is ready, it can already be worn.


If desired, it is possible to hang another bead or some small figure (from those used as pendants in bracelets) on the lower curl of the key, but be careful that they are not heavy. Otherwise the wire will “straighten”, losing its shape.


The treble clef as a musical symbol is universal, but in exactly the same way you can twist it out of a wire like any other key (only more schematically - all other musical keys consist of several elements, that is, the line of the wire, in theory, should be interrupted) or note. Always fold the wire in half - it will not only make the suspension of any kind stronger, but will always provide a place to attach the connecting ring.


2. "Musical reel" of the spool of thread: suspension


"Musical" pendants do it yourself: 3 ideas


This suspension can be attributed more to the vintage style.


For her, take:


  • empty wooden spool from under the thread;
  • a strip of notes wide with a coil (any notes, select a piece from your favorite piece;
  • and if you want to put any song on the coil, find them with the words signed below and cut out this part so that the suspension can be “read” not only by the musicians);
  • chain;
  • pin with eyelet;
  • 2 connecting rings, lock, chain and flat divider (wider than the hole in the coil);
  • suspension (any);
  • pliers;
  • clear lacquer (can be with sparkles);
  • glue.


1. Glue a strip of notes on a reel.

2. Insert the pin into the hole of the coil with your eyelet downward.

3. Thread the flat part of the pin through the flat separator so that it lies on the top of the coil, twist the pin pin with pliers, put the connecting ring on the resulting loop.

4. Thickly varnish a strip of notes.

5. Attach the small pendant to the pin's bottom loop.

6. Put the finished jewelry on the chain with the lock.


3. Medallion pendant with notes


"Musical" pendants with their own hands: 3 ideas


The easiest suspension option.




  • frame for jewelry with glass;
  • notes;
  • scissors and pencil;
  • chain.


1.Cut a piece of the notes that you like best, the size of the corresponding frame.


2. Insert it into the frame and hang it on a chain.

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