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In my arsenal there will always be a Turk for coffee, because I am a real lover of this drink.

Of course, for this it is very important to be able to brew this drink. Many people know that for the Turks you need to take ground coffee powder, designed specifically for her. These are very, very finely ground coffee beans. But it is equally important to choose the very Turk. Or Dzhezvu, if so you like.

The best drink turns out in copper Turks. The high thermal conductivity of copper allows the Turk to heat up evenly, which has a good effect on the quality of the drink. Only when buying, make sure that inside the copper Turk has a coating of food tin. Copper forms soluble compounds that are very dangerous for humans. And be sure to ensure that the tin coating remains intact. If it is damaged, buy a new Turk.

And I choose the form of the Turks only conical. And the neck of the Turks should be two or three times narrower than the bottom. The narrower the neck, the better, the less aroma will evaporate during cooking.And the more tilted the walls of the Turks, the faster the coffee grounds will settle. The narrowest neck can be made in copper Turks. With other materials harder.

By the way, if you have the opportunity to make coffee in the sand, then the Turk must be chosen a little higher.

By the way, I use the coffee grounds as a wonderful skin scrub.

Where are the desserts? Something I can not find.

I bought a ceramic Turk - the coffee in it turns out very tasty. coffee in the Turks turns out much tastier than in any super modern coffee maker or coffee machine. However, sometimes it is too lazy to make coffee in Turk - and I was thinking about buying a copper geyser coffee pot by the Italian company Bialetti (not only Italian design, but also made there, and on each spare part there was an impression of what was done in Italy). as ceramics is undoubtedly better, and such coffee pots are only copper. In search of information about copper dishes, I learned that copper dishes can be dangerous only when reacting with dairy products, and if you just make coffee without milk, then no.

Loved the recipes for baked boat peppers and scrambled eggs with spinach. Need to try))

Yeah, very helpful and nutritious and slimming.

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