Designer creates very large-knit clothing and accessories.

Next to the things of Kiev designer Anne Mo, you can feel yourself a real Thumbelina. The craftswoman works with a very thick yarn, creating from her original clothes, blankets and accessories for the home. The length of the loop in this pattern begins with ten centimeters.

The girl chose Australian merino wool as a material for creativity, therefore, despite the unusual texture, her clothes are very soft and comfortable. The designer creates his works on very large knitting needles, due to the peculiarity of the knitting process, time for each thing does not take much.

The collection has both clothes and interior items, such as blankets, blankets, and even baskets for animals. The scale of knitting for different things is different, the size of some patterns really fascinate!

Caps and snudy large knit perfectly complement everyday images. Soft blankets will bring the feeling of comfort and warmth to any apartment.

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