Delicious caviar from zucchini with mayonnaise for the winter

You will need
  • - garlic - 10 large cloves
  • - zucchini peeled - 3 kg
  • - mayonnaise - 250 grams (possible with a high percentage of fat)
  • - tomato paste - 300 grams
  • - salt - 1 tablespoon
  • - sugar - 100 grams
  • - black or red pepper to taste
  • - vegetable oil - 100 grams
  • - Vinegar 9% - 50 grams
�Caviar squash with mayonnaise is a versatile product that is enjoyed by both adults and children. For its preparation does not require a large number of ingredients. Squash and garlic must be pre-cleaned. To remove the peel from zucchini, it is very convenient to use a special manual vegetable peeler. When applied, the peel is removed with a very thin layer.
-vkusnue-ikra- iz- kabachkov-s-maionezom - na- zimu-
�After peeling the vegetables, pass them through the meat grinder. Extinguish one hour. Then add mayonnaise and tomato paste to the process of cooking caviar from zucchini. The fatter you will use mayonnaise, the more rich you get caviar from zucchini. Stir them and leave to boil for another hour.
After that, add salt, sugar, and black pepper to caviar from zucchini and cook for another hour. Add vinegar at the end of cooking. Let the squash caviar boil, then lay it in small jars that need to be sterilized. Roll them up, cover and leave to cool. Caviar from squash with mayonnaise is a favorite preparation for the winter of many housewives.
Caviar squash with mayonnaise - a product in which you can slightly change the composition. Instead of tomato paste, use fresh tomatoes, which must be pre-cooked, and then rub through a sieve. Tasty squash caviar with mayonnaise is obtained if you replace the garlic with onions. In this case, instead of garlic, add 0.5 kg of onion. If you like spicy zucchini caviar, add bitter paprika, which you can twist together with zucchini.
-vkusnue-ikra- iz- kabachkov-s-maionezom - na- zimu-

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