Daylight saving time in Ukraine in 2019

Traditionally, every year on the last weekend of March, Ukrainians translate the hour hands forward. Thus, the country implements the transition to daylight saving time to more rationally use most of the day's light and save artificial lighting. Conversely, on the last weekend of October, the hour hand is turned back to make the transition to winter time, which is considered “astronomical”. This decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers on May 13, 1996 and declared by Decree No. 509 “On the procedure for calculating time in Ukraine”.

Excursion into the past

The idea of ​​the transition to the summer warm time belongs to the New Zealander, entomologist George Vernon Hudson, who was interrupted by shift work doing his favorite thing - collecting insects during daylight hours. His thoughts on this subject, he described in the article, proposing to make a two-hour shift to increase the light day.

Other sources attribute the author's invention of seasonal time to an Englishman, William Willet, a lover of fresh air and long walks around London.He noticed that most city dwellers wake up a significant part of the day when the sun is shining. In 1905, Willett published an article in one of the British periodicals, where he described his thoughts on the waste of daylight. But then nobody listened to him.

The first state to decide on the transition to seasonal time was Germany. This event happened in 1916, when World War I was going on, and the government had to take such measures to save coal. Soon the British and its allies, Russia and the USA, followed the lead of the Germans.

Since then, more than 100 countries each year switch to summer time and winter time so that the population can work longer and use less electricity.

Arguments against"

However, not all states live by this principle. Critics of the “system” of seasonal time claim that the transfer of hours has a negative effect on the well-being of some people. Biorhythms of animals that are accustomed to receive food strictly by the clock are knocked down; milk yields from cows worsen. And besides all this, the economic benefits of the preserved artificial lighting has not been scientifically proven.Therefore, in some states, the seasonal clock transfer is canceled.

In 2011, the Verkhovna Rada, following Russia, decided not to make the transition to winter time, but the public reacted negatively to this innovation, and the deputies by a majority vote canceled the previous decree. Thus, to this day, Ukrainians are moving the arrows back and forth in the spring and autumn.

Look into the future

In the meantime, the people of Ukraine continue to live by the example of many European countries, then next year, after the transfer of hours, they will have to get used to the new regime for a long time, and either have enough time to sleep, or, on the contrary, basking in bed longer. Go to summer time in 2019, they will be on March 31 at 3:00.

It doesn’t matter if the arrows move forward or not, the main thing is that summer will come to Ukraine “according to the schedule”.

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