Hello, Anna! Before asking you a question, I would like to thank you for your work! You are super! I was a slave to money, but thanks to your advice I become their hostess! Question: "How is it more profitable to repay a loan ahead of time? I have a bank loan of 326 thousand rubles, at 21.92% per annum, for 8 years! it is already more than 2 years old. At the moment, the amount of the main debt is 307,998 rubles. Monthly payment is always 7620, interest is very large every month. I plan to pay for it every month not 7,620 rubles, but 9,000 rubles. it is more profitable to choose a decrease in the loan term or reduce the amount of s payments? Thanks in advance for your reply! And you all the best!


It is more profitable to reduce the loan term, however it is NOT profitable for banks, therefore there are few banks that offer the option of reducing the term.

To calculate what is beneficial for you, ask the employee to do 2 calculations

First if reduce the term

Second if reduce the amount

And compare

Main thought

Reducing the term you reduce the number of days that interest will accrue to you.

And reducing the amount of payment you have the term still remains the same.

And the less time you pay, the less you pay% Because the amount is the same in the first and second cases.

Thank you for your early decision to close the loan.

Have you studied the book The Richest Man in Babylon?

Do you play cash games? in

a guest04.05.17 12:07

Thanks for the answer! Be sure to do just that!

I think that going into debt, taking a loan is an extreme measure. With our unstable life, you do not know what will happen tomorrow, and here you have a debt like a domoklov sword. If you can, it is better not to take a loan.

Yes, only some banks need to constantly request this option.

a guest12.02.18 21:56

Early thanked Anna ... Judging by this recommendation, Anna, an employee of the Bank ... Wants to pay the Bank as much interest as possible ... "expert" ...

Thanks for the useful information.

such a small amount and as much as 8 years?

Of course, a loan is an extreme measure, but for many now, perhaps, this is the only way out. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about the main thing - where exactly to get a loan, which bank is reliable. My husband has a card in Home Credit - I like it very much, the conditions are loyal.You can register and perform various operations through your personal account. is convenient because it saves a lot of time.

Loans are sometimes very helpful, probably there are no such people who don’t even scrape a loan or a credit card, we treat those people who take loans often) We have a credit card We submitted the application and after 20 minutes we already called back, we clarified all the nuances and took a credit card without any problems.

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