Creating a warm garden: autumn concerns about future crops

If you want without having a greenhouse to eat first vegetables much earlier than your neighbors, then a warm bed is just what you need. Having such a construction on the site, it is not at all necessary to worry about purchasing or growing seedlings. Sow seeds can be directly into the ground. Knowing the technology, it is not much more difficult to do this than to dig and plant a vegetable garden. Given the fact that the bed will serve faithfully for at least 4 years, the time spent will pay off with interest. You can use everything that was at hand and littered the site for years. It is better to prepare such beds in the fall, so that in the spring it remains only to plant the seeds.

Warm bed in all its glory

In fact, a warm bed is a kind of layer cake, inside of which the process of decay, which proceeds with the release of heat, does not stop. Gradually, decaying organic matter is also a supplier of trace elements.Care of this bed is reduced to watering and the destruction of weeds. No additional dressing vegetables and greens planted on warm beds are required.

Conditionally warm beds are divided into 3 types:

  • Trench. Best for moisture-loving crops. It is necessary to go deeper here by no less than 60 cm, and for the northern regions even by a meter. It is important that the groundwater is not less than 2 m from the bottom of the bed, and the water in it does not stagnate.
  • Bulk. Fully located on the surface. Such designs are indispensable in marshy soils and in areas with a high amount of precipitation. To bed in the course of time did not move around using a box.
  • Mixed, having both a recess and a box.

The presence of several beds on the plot allows you to use them with maximum efficiency, given the characteristics of crop rotation. Warm beds are suitable even for potatoes, but then they should be 40-50 cm deeper than usual.


For arranging warm boxes, you can use slate, boards, remnants of building materials.

Arrangement of a warm bed step by step

Obligatory conditions for its creation - perelyvat each layer of soil.You can use for this the land that has been dug out to create a depression. It is important that the bed is not located in the shade. The ideal east-west direction. It is especially important to take it into account if there are a lot of fruit trees and high shrubs giving a shadow on the plot.

First, determine the size of the beds and remove the sod.

Determine the depth and choose the extra earth. If there are moles and rodents on the plot, lay a metal grid from below.

A drainage layer 20-25 cm thick is laid on top of the net or directly on the bottom of the trench (20% more for root crops). It can be from non-degradable or poorly decomposing material. Pebbles or broken bricks should be used for stationary beds that are planned to be used for a long period. Wood, cardboard, rags, rotting boards, other slightly decomposing garbage are suitable for beds with a service life of 4 years.

The drainage layer is filled with earth, a layer of about 3 cm.

The next layer (12–16 cm) is branches, cut grass, leaves, weeds (without ripened seeds), food waste, a drop of fruit trees, rotted vegetables.Top it again perelaivaem soil (6-8 cm).

Now we lay a layer of half-rotten humus or manure (10-12 cm). In the extreme case, another layer of mowed grass may become an alternative to manure, but after a couple of years this bed will need to be fertilized. The last and main layer (30-60 cm) - fresh garden land without roots. The finished bed line, abundantly watered and covered with film until spring. You need to remove it as soon as possible so that the earth can drink water and warm up.

The box can have different heights. For bulk beds it will be higher. If wood is used to create a box, it is better to treat it with a special compound that prevents rot. This is especially true for those who will add to the garden drugs that stimulate the processing of organic matter.

Crops in warm beds are less susceptible to the effects of return frosts. Moreover, in the case of a sharp decrease in temperature, it is easy to hide them under the film.

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