Cozy place for a pet from an old sweater

Not so long ago we already wrote about the Tent for a cat. Judging by the reaction to Facebook, you really liked it. But not all pets like to hide in the "house", many prefer to see everything that happens around and be in plain sight. For this reason, I tried to find something cool and creative for all those animals that love to show themselves.

This soft litter is easy to make with your own hands and is ideal for your dog or cat. You have the opportunity to make yourself and your pet enjoyable with just a few tools. Finally, he will have his own place. I tried to write explanations for the pictures, at the same time I know that everything will be clear to you without them.

I sincerely hope that you will like it, at least as much as the cat house, but here you will need to embroider a little. This should not frighten you at least because only the basic line will be used, without a sewing machine.I know that I want to postpone it for a weekend or any other day, but do not postpone for tomorrow what you can do today!

After all, it is a great pleasure to do something with your own hands, to please your pet and show us photos of what you have done.

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