Village house with Romanian motifs

Architecture, Decor, Workshop, Interior

Comfort, individuality, warm feelings that you experience as soon as you open the door. All this is present in the Romanian rural house.

Given the fact that we live in the modern world, it is quite difficult to maintain the traditional aspects associated with the design or interior design. As we see, nothing is impossible. The house is located somewhere around Bucharest and is a real find, both for traditional connoisseurs of the Romanian style, and for those who have not had direct contact with the Romanian culture.

Among the defining elements of the traditional Romanian style you will find: a stove, authentic Romanian carpets, curtains, wall carpets, old chests (they are almost 100 years old) and these are just some of them.

You will also notice that traditional Romanian motifs can be found almost everywhere in this village house: embroidered on pillowcases, on carpets, on curtains,even on bedding or on various ceramic elements.

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