Congratulations with Easter for family and friends


Bright Sunday of Christ is the main and most revered religious holiday for Orthodox and Catholics. On this day, people rejoice, rejoice and praise the divine miracle - an amazing return to the life of Jesus Christ. Relatives and friends visit each other, have fun and send congratulations to their friends and friends on Easter. For those who are not strong in versification or simply find it difficult to find suitable solemn words, we have collected a whole collection of beautiful, tender, sublime and heartfelt congratulations in verse and prose. Give them to your loved ones and make the bright holiday even more enjoyable, memorable and sincere.

Congratulations on Easter in prose

Happy Easter Prose greetings 2016 is a universal version of the festive greeting, suitable for each person and appropriate in any situation. Simple lines, filled with kind, bright and warm feelings, are perfectly perceived and resonate even in the most severe and cold hearts.The main thing is to say these words sincerely and openly, with a positive attitude, joy, optimism and faith in the great miracle of the Lord's Resurrection. The priests say that all the good wishes expressed by people to each other with a pure soul and pious thoughts, necessarily come true, and, very soon.


Great Easter is a holiday of all Orthodox. On such a festive day, I would like to wish good health, peace and prosperity to all. Let every day your home be filled with comfort, warmth, happiness, well-being. Give each other attention and care, love and loyalty. Happy Easter!

With a feeling of deep joy and with all my heart we congratulate you on the Bright Resurrection of Christ - the Lord's Easter! We wish you fulfillment of all your hopes and good undertakings, peace, kindness and love.

Christ is risen! On this Great Day, I wish a dream come into my soul that carries love, hope and faith in miracles! Let this dream come true at the most unexpected moment in order for you to feel the happiness in full force, which fills the heart and soul in the most desired and most, as it seemed to you, incomprehensible way!

Happy Easter Greetings to Friends

Short poetic congratulations on Easter will be appropriately heard in a youth company, at school, at an institute, in a friendly office or any other cohesive team. They can be read out loud one by one from the stage of the assembly hall or printed on postcards with Easter symbols and in a solemn atmosphere to present to all those present.

Joyful and kind quatrains will look great in a bright, colorful wall newspaper devoted to Easter holidays. In this way, school classes, student audiences or office spaces are usually decorated. This version of the decor makes the atmosphere more festive, raises the mood to those around and fills the hearts with glee, bliss and optimism.

I wish you happy Easter,
It is fitting to hold a holiday,
So that the heart was sweet -
Good luck in life's journey!

Happy Easter to you
Joy in my heart I wish.
Let that be conceived - come true,
And failures will be forgotten!

I congratulate you on Easter,
Let there be life, a fairy tale!
Let the bells ring
Rid the soul of the shackles!

Congratulations on Easter: poems sincere, sincere and heartfelt

It is possible to congratulate on Easter in verses with elderly parents, a loved one, brothers and sisters, children, good friends, colleagues and even a boss at work. Try to choose such rhymed lines, in which there will be many good wishes, sincere feelings and pleasant, joyful emotions. Write a poem on a beautiful, colorful card and hand it to the addressee along with a small Easter souvenir.

In the working team, it would be appropriate to recite the work out loud, and then in prose, to wish everyone present longevity, good health, strong family relations, obedient children, financial independence and fast progress along the career ladder. Such a performance will be accepted with a bang, will be remembered for a long time and will make relations between colleagues warmer, more spiritual and trusting.


Congratulations on Easter!
Jesus is alive, for He has risen!
Give thanks to God
You are for this good news.
The victory was won on the cross,
And paved the way to heaven.
May your faith not be weakened
In the Lord is the Savior of Christ.
Do not let the heart turn away
From His outstretched hand.
The Lord wants to touch you,
So you will taste His love!

Easter Bright happened,
The whole earth has changed!
People are no more consoling,
All the christians are happy! This is a great and glorious festival,
And today everyone is equal.
Congratulations to all the people
Relatives, relatives and friends! Peace and good wishes
And Jesus glorify!
Never let it us
Do not leave in a difficult hour!

“Christ is risen!” - sounds in the morning
Under the Evangelism ringing.
And good wishes -
After all, the holiday has been proclaimed! Let the table be full of food,
We fasted for a reason.
We waited for the first star,
Christ thanks. Kulich, egg, sausage -
Easter interest,
It remains for us to say:
“Verily He Is Risen!”

SMS congratulations on Easter for friends

If relatives or good friends live in another city, then they should be congratulated on a bright holiday with a phone call. Still, this is the closest circle with which it is very important to communicate as closely as possible personally in order to maintain warm, harmonious relations. SMS greetings on Easter Christ are more appropriate for business partners, customers, college and school friends, distant acquaintances and former colleagues.And despite the fact that you rarely make contact with these people, they will be very pleased to receive from you greetings and good wishes for health, happiness, love, financial independence and family well-being on a wonderful, pious spring holiday. Each of them will understand what matters to you and will long remember this sincere and sweet sign of attention filled with the warmth of your heart.


Bell ringing carries
Good news to the heavens.
Happy Easter to all of you,
Happiness to you, Christ is Risen.

Christ is risen! All Orthodox Christians greet each other with these joyful words today! So may God's grace come down on you, fill your heart with kindness and love!

Christ is resurrected on this great day!
Let a pleasant emotion come to you
Easter divine shadow
Let him touch this Sunday! We wish you that the Lord would give all -
Health, prosperity, wealth!
In affairs that did not interfere with anything
Let it be only sweet in this life!

Easter: congratulations in English for foreign friends

The Feast of Easter is widely celebrated all over the world.Therefore, it will be extremely pleasant for your foreign friends and acquaintances to receive bright, inspired and kind greetings in English from you on this remarkable day. In the minimum volume, he is known in almost every corner of the world and it will not be difficult for anyone to understand sincere, warm and cordial phrases written in English words. Your foreign friends will appreciate the pleasant sign of attention and will be grateful for this bright news received on the day of the Great Sunday of Christ. You can choose both poetic and prosaic version of congratulations. The main thing is that it should sound joyful and be imbued with your good feelings and good mood.


Search for Christ in your heart, To be a good man is a great art! May your life be full of blessings, Put on your heart the dirty dresses! Get ready to welcome a new life, Which will be beautiful and rife.Easter basket has peace and no disease

Our Christ has brought to this world the truth as well as love, joy and happiness.

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