Congratulations on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity for loved ones. How beautiful and unusual to congratulate mom and dad on Family Day


On June 8, congratulations on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty are heard everywhere in Russia. Beautiful and touching lines in prose and short verses in verse are read to each other by men and women, friends, business partners, former classmates and classmates, clients and colleagues. Distant acquaintances living in other cities and countries are sent humorous themed postcards and funny holiday SMS messages. Mothers and fathers wish prosperity, well-being and happiness to children and closest relatives. On this day, there is a real pilgrimage to the registry offices. Many brides and grooms firmly believe that having married on such a symbolic date, will surely gain family happiness and never lose the love of their second half.

Day of family and love: congratulations in verse and prose

On the day of family, love and fidelity, congratulations come both in verse and in prose. They can be recited aloud to relatives, co-workers and acquaintances, or they can write on beautiful themed postcards and personally hand them to loved ones, colleagues and friends. It is appropriate to add good, inspirational words and warm, heartfelt phrases with small souvenirs, and give the ladies small bouquets of seasonal flowers. Such sincere and touching expressions of sympathy will give a festive atmosphere additional soulfulness and will make relations in the family, in the company or in the team even more comfortable and cozy.



Family Day is a special holiday:
He gives good and happiness,
Getting rid of pain
From anxiety, from misfortune and grief.

After all, saving your home is easy -
A little love can be added,
Frankness, caring,
Together the work done.

So we survive together -
Just need to try
Together to unite everyone
To enjoy the family!


Well, here came the long-awaited Day of Family, Love and Loyalty. The wife is to the husband, and the husband is clinging to the wife, as if two pieces of one vessel, one family bowl. Let it combine warmth and tenderness, faith and hope, love and respect.We wish all families today to reunite and spend this day in a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.


You do not need to chase after a dream,
That far into the distance attracts.
Stay better with your family,
It is a reliable shield for all.

After all, where there is loyalty, love
Impregnated every corner
Always spinning over you
Keeping happiness angel.

And he will always help you.
Find the cherished key to the soul,
To the family skyline
The sun was shining without clouds.

Congratulations on the Day of the family of a man from a woman


Congratulations on the Family Day a man can read a wife, a colleague at work, a friend or a close friend. For the "big boys" it is worth picking up beautiful, respectful words about loyalty, loyalty, tenderness and mutual love. Spouse in verse or prose is appropriate to recall the day of the first meeting, about how a beautiful, bright feeling of love, about the birth of children and other significant moments from which your happy family life was formed arose in your heart. Do not skimp on praise and compliments, do not feel sorry for bright, joyful phrases and openly show your sincere affection to your loved one.Even the most severe male heart will melt away from such an open manifestation of attention and the relationship between you will become even more familiar, warmer and more soulful.


Like the light of a star you give me light in life
You, like a beacon, light the way for me ...
And on Family Day you will meet me with a gift,
To love me again hint!

And I decided to marvelous verses
Congratulations on this bright hour ...
And may love be with us forever,
Let her always dope us!

May we be happy without fail
Let us want to live life with each other ...
You are the best in the world always!
I will cherish you forever!


It is time for gentle congratulations.
And wishes to my husband from the heart!
And on the Family Day of love revelations
Confessions ardent in the morning silence ...

Congratulations I rush to you today,
So much to wish you well!
Let it be, since the will is upon that of the Lord,
Love will be our life full!

Let loyalty to each other we prove
That we can only live together ...
Let each other have a different world
Where you and I live in eternity ...


There is a holiday - Family Day, he is named by someone
And this holiday is always taken
Second half with passion at once
Congratulate like no one ever!

And I want, my beloved, to confess,
That you were sent to me by the very fate!
What do I love to kiss with you
And I want to become one family with you!

I want this holiday to be celebrated
Next year we are like a family!
So that there was no grief, no sorrow,
So that I was happy with you!

Funny family greetings for friends


Sincere and fun laugh and fun, with humor to congratulate on the Day of the family can be brothers and sisters, close friends, colleagues at work of middle age and the newlyweds, recently entered into a marriage union. However, it is very important to maintain tact and choose such words that in no way will grieve a person, but, on the contrary, amuse and make him smile wider. Sarcastic jokes with ambiguous sentences and hints are relevant only in a narrow circle of people who know each other well and have a good sense of humor. For older married couples, it's better to choose simple, kind and hearty phrases that do not involve questionable interpretation. Older people are not always able to understand modern youth humor and may well be offended by taunts or words that are too sharp.But the younger generation will appreciate the frivolous style and savory "notes" in the congratulations and laugh out lovingly from both friends and themselves.


In our age when success and money
Dictate the price of the times,
And children are the first steps.
On maternity capital
When treason is not a burden,
And marriage is completely outdated
Let the time return again
Where is the sound of Cupid's whistling arrows!
And on the day of the family, love and faithfulness
For all coming years
You will bring peace and tenderness
And they will be with you forever!

I want to congratulate on the Day of the family, my girlfriend!

I want and wish happy days on the road

With your chosen one. Let it be a true friend

To you, my dear, here are my wishes:

Let your spouse come home on time,

Let food cooks, dishes can wash,

Let cleans, strokes and not rules,

Well, the exception is in bed, so be it.

Let the flowers you all sprinkles

And every month in different countries lucky,

And the money is all you - only so the family grows stronger.

Happy family day to you! Remember? Forward!


Well, live out, Happy Family Day, I congratulate!

Although an extra holiday - we have an asset with you.

On this day, I sincerely wish you

So that the family - the family, and a friend - although b, the second.

It's a pity, of course, how much beer was overpowered,

Yes, and mastered kebabs with you.

And now you can not, I suppose, sorry.

Well, as a way out, you can take your wife with you.

And seriously - of course, I wish you happiness,

So that your daughter and your son grow faster.

So that the children loved mom, helped,

While we are overcoming the store.

Family Day: short SMS greetings for everyone


On Family Day, short, funny and optimistic SMS greetings can be sent to close and distant relatives, work colleagues, customers and business partners, former classmates and classmates, neighbors, friends and acquaintances. On a wonderful, joyful holiday, everyone will be pleased to read a few warm, pleasant words in prose or 1-2 verse verses on traditional family values, loyalty and love. Such simple, but sincere and kind attentions will not require a lot of time or significant financial expenses, but they will be remembered for a long time and will make relations between people warm, touching and conducive to communication.


Let your house be a full bowl,
And year by year life is more beautiful,
The soul is calm and light
Family consent is strong !!!


Happy family day!
A lot of joy, love,
Strong, warm relationship
Just the right decisions
Happiness of the river and the sea,
Next will let the family!


On International Family Day,
I congratulate you together!
With a strong union, and in love
I wish to live long!
May the children of the elders never
In no way upset!
And mom and dad kids
Caring surround!
For the heart - a holiday, warmth
And the joy of communication!
I wish with loved ones always
Be in a better relationship!

Beautiful congratulations on the day of the family mom


The most tender, inspirational and quivering congratulations on Family Day should be chosen for mom. After all, it is she who daily creates warmth and coziness in the house, listens carefully to each family member and in any situation tries to provide all possible help and support to close people. On a beautiful and bright summer holiday, tell your parent how much you appreciate her patience, care and hard daily work for the benefit of her family, how happy every minute spent next to her, and how sincerely love her, no matter what. Let mother feel her need and with her heart and soul and clearly realize that even the most adult children always see her as a counselor and reliable friend who will never let them down and will not leave them in difficult times.


Only dear our mother
He knows everything that he tells us
Values ​​of family are stubborn,
Infinitely, endlessly honors.

I wish my beloved mom,
Long live and eternally prosper,
Happy family day, I congratulate you,
Never be disheartened!


Beloved mother, I congratulate you on the Day of family, love and loyalty! I sincerely wish you that happiness and love never leave you, that you would be really happy in family life and bring you real joy every day!


I congratulate mom
And on the day of the family,
So that you were happy,
Cheerful and beautiful!

Let the family be strong
Let quarrels be rare,
All the best will happen!
Any wishes come true!

Kind and touching congratulations on the Day of the Family to the Pope


Congratulations on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty for the Pope should sound inspired, reverent and respectful. It can be beautiful lines in prose, pleasant wishes in verses or short sms with cool text and thematic picture. Even the most restrained and self-sufficient man will enjoy such signs of attention and tenderness on the part of mother, sister, son and daughter, parents, work colleagues and just friends. Most importantly, all the words should be sincere and filled with joy and optimistic wishes. Do not skimp on compliments and say what you really feel.Let a close person feel how important his care, attention and good attitude are to you.


I wish dad on Family Day

Dreams come true all yours,

To the house - the joy and warmth,

In my heart it is always-always light!


Let the wife and children rejoice,

Let the fair wind blows,

And even in the fiercest heat

Meets home with affection!


Dear Father, the most beloved and dear, I heartily congratulate you on the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty. On this holiday, I wish you, Dad, to believe in yourself and know that we, your family and friends, will always support you in everything! Let everything be fine, because a person like you deserves the best!


Thank you dad I want to say,
After all among all family ideals
Only he managed to once make it clear -
Family is the main thing in life.

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