Closer: the second trailer for the new season of "Game of Thrones"

Hurry up to watch the second official trailer of the game “Game of Thrones”, which appeared on the web two weeks before the premiere (the first episode of “The Red Woman” will be aired on April 24). In the two-minute video, we can see how Arya gets a second chance, Sansa prepares for revenge, Daenerys falls into disfavor, Jorah Mormont fights with gray sickness, Cersei pushes his younger son to show everyone who Lannister is, Jamie heads the army, Tirion meets face to face with the dragon, and John Snow ... supposedly dying. The latter is still unclear: everyone is trying to predict the fate of the Lord Commander. How many of our favorite characters have already deprived us of the series, but we didn’t worry about it as we did for the hero Keith Harington. The cast actors were tired of answering the question of whether he was alive, and HBO even released a description of the first episode, which clearly states that John Snow is dead, but no one really believes in it, hoping for the best.

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