Clay masks for face


In cosmetology, clay face masks have become very popular, they have excellent properties. The impact of clay is due to the peculiarity of its composition. In certain species there is aluminum, silicon, manganese. Silicon has a positive effect on the skin, improves the structure of blood vessels, activates metabolic processes and the growth of collagen. Aluminum has drying properties. But the main benefit of clay is its ability to clean and whiten the skin.

A variety of cosmetic clay

Due to the variety of clay types, everyone will find a magic mask. But first you need to study the features and properties of each color:

white clay is useful to owners of the skin inclined to rashes and greasiness. It helps to pore and eliminate excess fat, inflammation, whitens;
Blue clay is distinguished by a variety of effective minerals and elements in the composition. It removes acne, regenerates skin, cleanses, removes facial wrinkles.

Clay masks for face

This clay will lighten freckles, pigmentation.Such masks stimulate blood circulation under the skin, improve cell metabolism;
green clay will help cleanse the skin. It contains components that restore the moisture balance. It is much useful to owners of dry skin type, aging skin. Green clay will tighten skin, fights wrinkles;
red clay rejuvenates the skin. Masks with it give an incredible result: folds are reduced, the outlines of the oval face are made clearer. Perfect for skin that is prone to irritation;

pink clay will help any type of skin;
yellow clay. This component will eliminate the rash of the mask are different effect of tonic, improve skin tone;
black clay. Such compounds will clear the skin from toxins, clean out the pores, remove the horny layer. Elements that are in the composition of clay, work better than scrubs;
gray clay is obtained from the bottom of the sea, it is rare. Masks moisturize the skin, give it the opportunity to be fed with vitamins and enriched with useful components.

Masks of clay. Correct application

Proper use of clay masks will eliminate problems, cleanse the face, provide the skin with the required nutrition. Masks help:

from acne from black, blue clay and kaolin;
blue powder will bleach with pigment spots;
to get rid of excess fat - mask of white and blue powder;
restore the water balance in dry skin powder red and green;
red clay will reduce inflammation;
make the skin young clay green and other shades.

There are no particular contraindications to the use of clay, since all the masks have a natural component that does not cause allergies. To maximize the result of a mask, it is necessary to take into account such moments:

pay attention to the other components in the mask, do you have any allergies to them;
Consider that clay masks are applied only to a clean face without contamination;
Do not touch the skin around the eyes, because clay too dry it.

White clay face masks

All white clay masks for the face listed below are suitable for creating blends based on any color of clay. The mask should be created in glassware. So, recipes:

in its pure form is used for oily skin. 1 spoon stir until a thick consistency with the help of water. Leave to dry on skin for about 12 minutes.To reduce enlarged pores, kaolin can be diluted with tomato juice, and when there is a rash, replace the water with aloe juice combined with mineral water. For mixed skin, milk can be used;
for whitening. To create 1 part of clay combine with the juice of cucumber or parsley. Strawberry juice will do as well, add some citrus juice here. The composition keeps on the skin for at least 10 minutes;

a mixture of 1 part of kaolin and 3 parts of a fermented milk product helps the greasy skin. In the composition add parsley and citrus juice. Everything is well mixed and applied on a large layer on the skin;
for getting rid of acne, 1 part is combined with 2 parts of vodka and tsp. aloe juice This mask is left for 10 minutes;
dryness will help such a composition: Combine 1 part of the cottage cheese with the same volume of kaolin, pour in sour cream and 4 parts of milk. The skin is visibly moisturized and cleansed;
To make the loose skin elastic, 1 part of the clay is stirred with milk, honey is added to the composition. Carefully put together and smear the skin for a period not exceeding 10 minutes;
To feed unproblematic skin, mix 2 parts of banana puree with a part of white clay, sour cream and butter. Leave on the skin for no more than 10 minutes;
for contracting the skin of a mixed type is taken in equal parts of starch, clay and diluted with milk. If the skin is too dry in some places, then the mask is placed only on the T-zone;

Clay masks for face

To refresh mixed skin, 1 part of clay is combined with 2 parts of vegetable or fruit mash. The composition is diluted with milk;
for cleaning and tightening the skin with greasiness, 1 part of the clay is mixed with peroxidized milk and 1 protein;
for whitening oily skin, protein is mixed with salt, and clay is added here. Leave for 10 minutes;
for loose and loose skin there is a recipe. Stir 2 tsp. chamomile, lavender, sage and lime flowers. Herbs are covered with water and infused for 10 minutes. After filter the composition and mix with it clay. Keep on the skin no more than 20 minutes;
To feed the skin 2 pieces of oatmeal, cooked in milk, mix with clay and milk in the ratio 1: 4. Smear in a thick layer.

Red Clay Masks

Masks made of red clay perfectly handle with the skin, prone to redness and allergies. This powder can eliminate irritation. Suitable for flabby skin prone to dryness and lack of moisture. It will improve the supply of tissue with blood, fill the skin with oxygen.For allergic skin, clay is stirred with water to the thickness, spread on the skin for a period of not more than 10 minutes.

Red clay perfectly removes irritation and inflammation from dry skin. ½ part of the powder is diluted with high-fat cream until smooth. In the composition, add 2 tsp. agave juice. Keep the composition on the skin for at least 10 minutes.

To enhance the tone of dry skin will help the following mask: 2 tsp. Clay is combined with a similar volume of sour cream and oil. If desired, drip concentrated citrus oil. Sour cream can be replaced with yolk.

Pink Clay Masks

Pink clay is obtained after mixing red and white. Remarkably, a mask of pink clay will help all types of skin. Its use makes it possible to smooth wrinkles, improve facial contours, rejuvenate skin condition. In addition, it has excellent cleansing properties, creates a velvety and elastic skin.

The mask of this powder is prepared in the same way as the previous ones. Clay is required to dilute with water and lubricate her clean skin. If you are the owner of a dry type of skin, then this clay is diluted with fermented milk products and yolks.If you have too oily skin, then choose yogurt, low-fat yogurt and protein.

Yellow Clay Masks

Of the yellow clay, masks more help the combined type, oily, dull and aging. It allows you to remove toxins, remove inflammation, reduce the formation of acne, and oxygenate the skin. In addition, yellow clay is a wonderful tonic that helps to make a better complexion. The most classic method of application: pour water and put on 15 minutes.

If you have too oily skin, it will help clear her such mask: 2 tsp. clay combined with 1 tsp. apple vinegar, honey and citrus juice. Water is added to the composition in order to obtain a mass of thick sour cream. On the skin, hold for at least 10 minutes, then remove.

For loose skin, this recipe will help you: 1 yolk is combined with 1 part of milk and clay to form a thick mixture. Add a couple of small fresh mint leaves. All components are pounded. The mask is left on the skin for about 10 minutes.

Black clay masks for face

Black clay benefits from the fact that it contains quartz, calcium, iron, strontium, magnesium.This is a great help to the skin. Black clay masks for the face benefit from the fact that they pull out all the negative substances, dirt, reduce pores. They will benefit all skin types.

Someone thinks that such clay is the softest, it not only cleans the skin, but also fills it with useful substances. Someone thinks it dries too much. All individually. For owners of dry skin, it is important to conduct a test. Take clay, dilute and apply on the driest part of the face. Hold for 6 minutes. Now remove and observe the skin reaction.

In addition, a lot of effect depends on the elements with which you combine the clay when creating masks. For example, with too dry skin, it is advised to add products from yogurt, yolk. For oily skin a positive effect brings protein, sour berries juice.

With the use of this type of clay, a skin massage is made for cleaning, eliminating comedones. For this dilute the clay, apply, leave to dry. Then moisten the fingers and gently massage the skin, without squeezing hard, so that the rolling of the clay begins. After this procedure, make a light peeling oatmeal.

For a non-problematic skin, masks from clay mixed with herbal extract are excellent. For example, for a mixed and unproblematic skin, this recipe comes to the rescue: first we prepare chamomile infusion. Pour a spoonful of dried flowers ½ tbsp. boiling water. Cool completely. Now mix the powder with this infusion to create a mass. On the face hold for 12 minutes. For dryness and restoration of oily skin, clay is diluted with a tincture of a train and mint. Leave on skin for 10-15 minutes. Remove with soap and water.

According to practice, if you constantly repeat the mask of clay, then it reduces the number of acne and pimples on the face, refresh the skin, clean it and give a healthy look.

Gray Clay Masks

Another variety is gray clay. It is rare because mined from the depths of the sea. But, despite this, she found application in cosmetology. Masks made of gray clay will allow to support flabby withering skin.

Clay masks for face

These masks have no contraindications, they are useful for all skin types. To create a standard mask, clay is stirred with milk. Lubricate the face for at least 10 minutes. When mixed with sour cream and gray clay, an excellent mixture is obtained to maintain skin elasticity.

To nourish the skin, dissolve the clay with milk, add almond oil to the mixture, a couple of drops of citrus juice. All elements are well mixed and applied to the face.

To get rid of acne, gray clay is diluted with water, put on your face with your fingers. It is necessary to do this massage movements for a couple of minutes, and then hold for another quarter of an hour. It is removed by warm water, the skin is smeared with cream. Repeat 3 times in 7 days.

Another recipe: mix the clay with melted honey, citrus juice and apply for a third of an hour on the skin, remove with cold water.

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