Church holiday October 2




THE GRAIN OF ZOCIMA THE DESERT lived in the 4th century. Once during the hunt, the ruler of Cilicia, Dometian, saw an old man, who spoke peacefully and tenderly with the wild animals that surrounded him. Seeing the hunters, the animals fled. When asked who he is and why he lives in the desert, the elder answered that his name was Zosima, that he was a Christian and could not live in the city with the enemies of Jesus Christ, therefore he lives alone among the beasts. Then Dometian has threatened: “If you esteem Nazarene, I in Nazareth will betray you in public cruel tortures, and you will refuse Christ”. When asked what kind of magic Zosima tames wild animals, he replied one thing: "I am a Christian." In Nazareth, torture began. The old man was hung upside down, tied a large stone to his neck, and began to tear the body with iron hooks. The torturers tempted the sufferer: "If the beasts listen to you, order one of them to come here and then we will believe in your God." The martyr turned to God with prayer, and suddenly a huge lion came running.Everyone scattered in fear, and the lion went up to the old man and began to support with his paw a stone tied to the neck of Zosima. The ruler began to ask the martyr to tame the beast and ordered him to unleash the saint in order to take him to the emperor, but Zosima died immediately, betraying his pure soul to God.



The Holy Martyr Trofim suffered for Christ during the reign of the Roman emperor Probe (276 - 282 g.). Once in Antioch during the pagan holiday, the Christians Trofim who came to the city with their friend Savvatiy, looking bitterly at the obscene triumph, prayed the Lord to guide the lost to the path of salvation. Presented for interrogation, they firmly professed their faith and responded with a resolute refusal to coercion to renounce Christ. During the torture, Savvatius died, and Trofim was sent to even more terrible tortures in Phrygia. Wearing iron boots with sharp nails, the saint walked for three days, driven by horse guards. The sufferer was thrown into a dungeon, where a secret Christian, Senator Dorimedont, began to visit him. He was courting Trofim, washing and bandaging wounds he received from refined torture. When the torturers became aware of this, they were both thrown to be devoured by beasts.They remained untouched. Then they were beheaded with a sword. See also - all the church holidays in October and a convenient calendar, where all the church holidays are divided by months. It is convenient to watch what is a church holiday today.



They put hives in omshanik, prepare them for winter. Collect honey.
From October 2 to 10 - bee devyatina.
With warm autumn and in more southern areas, the hives are cleaned on Savvatiy (October 10).
The youth arranges Trofimov's evenings - they choose grooms.

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