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Day of the Transfer of the Relics of St. Nicholas - May 22



The life of St. Nicholas, Archbishop of the World of Lyca, the God of God and the Miracle Man, is placed by us on December 19, when his day is celebrated (Nicolas winter). On May 22, the relics of the saint from the World of Lycian to Bar are celebrated. In the 11th century, the Greek empire was going through a difficult time. The Turks devastated its possessions in Asia Minor, ravaged cities and villages, killing their inhabitants, and accompanied their atrocities by insulting holy churches, relics, icons and books. Muslims attempted to destroy the relics of St. Nicholas the Pleasant, deeply honored by the entire Christian world. The desecration of shrines angered not only Eastern but also Western Christians. Christians in Italy, among whom there were many Greeks, were especially feared for the relics of St. Nicholas. Residents of the city of Bar, located on the Adriatic Sea, decided to save them. In 1087, the lordly and Venetian merchants went to Antioch for trade. Both those and others assumed on the way back to take the relics of the saint and transport them to Italy. In this intention, the inhabitants of Bar ahead of the Venetians and first landed in the Worlds.


Two people were sent ahead, who, upon returning, reported that everything was quiet in the city, and in the church where the greatest shrine rests, they met only four monks. Immediately 47 people went to the church of St. Nicholas; The monks of the watchman, not suspecting anything, indicated to them a platform under which the tomb of the saint was hidden. At the same time, the monk told an old man about the appearance on the eve of Nicholas the Ogilante: the saint in him ordered to keep his relics more carefully. The story inspired Buryan: they saw for themselves in this phenomenon a permission and, as it were, an indication of the saint. Having opened their intentions to the monks, they offered them a ransom: 300 gold coins. The watchmen refused and wanted to inform the residents of the impending misfortune. But the newcomers tied them up and set them at the door of their guards. They broke the church platform, under which the tomb with its relics stood, and saw that the sarcophagus was filled with fragrant holy myrrh. Presbyters made lithium, and the relics of the saint were extracted from the sarcophagus. After that, the baryans went to the ship. On May 21, they arrived at the Bar, and soon the joyful news spread throughout the city. The next day the relics of St. Nicholas were solemnly transferred to the church of St. Stephen.This event was marked by the establishment of a special holiday on May 22, which is called by the people - Nikola Veshny. See also on the subject of all church holidays in May and a good calendar, where all church holidays are distributed by months. It is convenient to watch all the holy days of May and other months of the year.


Signs on the Church holiday on May 22

Nikola would have come, and it would be warm. Before Nikolas, be strong, even if you are not drunk, live with Nikola, do not torment. 12 frosts (matinees) remained from Nikola, if not in the spring, then Semen's Day (September 14). From Nikolina on the day of the grass they start to grow well already, and from that day in the northern provinces begin the average sowing of spring bread. Do not glory on Yuryev's day by sowing, but glory on Nikolin's day with grass. Great is the mercy of God, if it rains on Nikolin's day. Oats should already be eliminated. Oats Mikolsky - neither the master's nor the horse (that is, sown late, and there will be no sense from it). The upcoming harvest of oats is judged by the behavior of frogs on Nikolin's day: if Nikolas get frogs fermented, oats will be good. Until St. Nicholas is not this buckwheat, not sheared lamb. Alder has blossomed - this buckwheat. In the Nizhny Novgorod region, potatoes are planted with Nikola.Until spring, St. Nicholas should not be soaked in water. Until spring Nikola, you should not swim. One of the main events of Nikolina of the day is the pasture of horses in the field. Nikola Veshny is a holiday of grooms. In Nikolin's day, the horse is driven out to be repaired, to a plow, for night pasture. Nicola spring horse fatten, autumn - in the yard will drive. St. Nicholas the Spring is considered the patron saint of horses: on this day prayers with water sanctification are ordered, so that the holy one protects the horses from wolves and bears and bestows health on the herds. Gorodi Gorodbu (outskirts) after Nikolina day. From Nikolina of the day, meadows are “ordered”, which is usually done by means of wood rods and branches, which are stuck into the ground at the intestines, a sign that it is impossible to graze cattle on these meadows.

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