Christmas sock with your own hands

The sock can be knit seamlessly in five knitting needles or two knitting needles (it is easier to make a pattern) and then sew. Sock fit on top.

Type in the spokes 58 loops. Tie 10 rows of garter stitch and 10 rows of stockings. After that, start knitting herringbone. Cord 28 loops with red thread, then 2 loops of green and 28 loops of red. Next, knit the Christmas tree on the picture. In order to avoid broaches of the red thread on the seamy side, divide the red threads into two balls.

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When the pattern is finished, go to the heel of the heel. To do this, knit half the first 29 loops), leave on the needles and knit only the second half (the remaining 29 loops). Tie 14 rows and divide the knitting into 3 pieces; 10 loops, 9 loops,) 0 loops.

Knit only the middle 9 loops. At the end of each row, take two loops together: the last loop of the middle part and the first one with the third part. So knit until all the side loops run out. The heel will take the form of a "cap". From both sides of the heel, type 8 loops plus one edge on the edge of the knitting. Then knit in a straight line, together with the loops originally left (there are 55 loops on the needles), up to the length you need.

Start lowering your toe. Divide the knitting into 4 parts and tie two loops together in these places. Tighten the last ten loops tightly with thread and fasten the inside of the sock.

Hang on the Christmas tree buttons, beads, tinsel, bows - in a word, any beautiful and brilliant things. Sew a sock. If you want to tie the second sock, do not forget that the heel should be knitted on the other side.

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