Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva 2015

Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva 2015Alla Pugacheva's Christmas Meetings is an annual Christmas concert festival that takes place in late December and is broadcast on television during the New Year holidays and before Christmas. The festival featured popular singers and music bands in Russia and the CIS.

Alla Borisovna in an interview with journalists said that the Christmas meetings in 2015 will certainly take place. They will be held in the sports complex "Olympic" - where they were held in the first in 1988. Madonna of Russian pop music promises an unforgettable concert program and a storm of positive emotions from a meeting with cult musical performers to the guests of the future concert.

"Christmas meetings" in previous years

The festival has been held annually for 24 years - since 1988. For all the time of the “Christmas meetings”, the concert was visited by many domestic and foreign performers, the place and the country were changed several times.

In 2009, Vstrechii ceased to be a purely television project, 4 times were held in the traditional sports complex Olimpiyskiy and once in the Kiev Sports Palace, collecting full house.

In previous years, the festival was attended by such performers as FilippKirkorov, Valeriy Meladze, the group Lyuba, Kristina Orbakaite, AlexanderRozembaum, Igor Nikolaev, Lolita, Sofia Rotaru, Garik Sukachev, Bi-2 and many other famous pop stars. Alla Borisovna gives the green light to newcomers of the Russian show business, inviting little-known performers to the concert.

"Christmas meetings" in previous years

The previous festival of Madonna was a great success among the visitors of the concert and the audience of the television release. In the celebration took part:

Groups - Bi-2, A'Studio, Machete, City 312, Underwood, Fanatika

Artists - Alexander Buinov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Lolita, Timur Rodriguez, Denis Maydanov, Philip Kirkorov, Svetlana Loboda, Christina Orbakaite, StasPeha, Evgeny Margulis, Zhanna Aguzarova and others.

Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva 2014

The 2015 meetings will traditionally be held at the Olimpiisky Sports Center in early December, presumably on the 8th.This time, invited the most famous performers in Russia and neighboring countries. Many will sing new songs that never sounded before the festival. Visitors to the concert will get a lot of pleasure, will survive a grand event and will remember the 25th festival for many years to come.

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