Chicken peas from the island of Mallorca - recipe

Chicken peas from the island of Mallorca - recipe for cooking photosChicken peas from the island of Mallorca - recipe

For 4-6 servings:

chicken peas, soaked in water in the evening. strained 500 g;

one piece of pumpkin: weigh after removing the peel and the core of 250 g;

garlic, chopped 3 cloves;

olive oil 4 tbsp. l .;

peeled tomatoes and seeds and sliced ​​250 g;

hard-boiled egg and finely chopped 1 pc .;

salt and black pepper;

parsley, finely chopped 4 tbsp. l.


Chicken peas from the island of Mallorca - recipe



Pour 2.5 liters of cold water into a saucepan, put chicken peas and pumpkin in it. Boil under a lid over low heat for about 2-3 hours or until the peas are soft. When the peas are ready, drain the water. Take a glazed ceramic pan, pour vegetable oil into it and fry the garlic on it. When the garlic is lightly browned, add tomatoes. Throw the boiled pumpkin in a colander.When the tomatoes are soft, put the pumpkin and boiled eggs in the pot. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, add the finely chopped parsley and, last of all, put boiled peas in a saucepan. Stir everything and serve the dish on the table.

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