Chicken Breast with Zucchini: 3 Ways to Make a Delicious Dish

Healthy dietary meals can be amazingly tasty. Chicken breast with zucchini can be a signature dish if you cook it according to all the rules. In this article you will find 3 delicious recipes.

zucchini breast in the oven
Breast with zucchini in the oven - a healthy dish for the whole family
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Chicken fillet500 gramsTomatoes2 pieces)Vegetable oil2 tbsp.Greenery1 bundle
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:25 minutes

Baked chicken breast with zucchini in the oven

This recipe will require:

  • chicken fillet - 0.5 kg;
  • young squash - 1-2 pcs. (depending on the size);
  • red Bulgarian pepper - 2 pieces;
  • hard cheese - 150 g;
  • tomato - 2 pieces;
  • garlic - 2-3 cloves;
  • vegetable oil - 2-3 tbsp. l;
  • salt and pepper to taste;
  • a bunch of fresh greens.

Rinse and dry the fillets, remove the film, cut into small pieces. Marinate the meat in a mixture of oil, salt, pepper, squeezed garlic.

Zucchini peeled, if caught a large instance - is to remove the bones. In a young vegetable, the bones are very soft and do not need to be removed. All vegetables cut into small pieces, salt, add a little pepper and mix gently.

Grease the baking dish with a little oil, put the meat, vegetables on it. Heat the oven to 200⁰, prepare the dish for 25 minutes. In the meantime, cheese needs to be grated. Sprinkle the half-cooked dish and send to the oven for another 20 minutes, until the cheese has melted.

Delicious food is served with fresh herbs.

Chicken Breast with Zucchini Stew

If you need a dietary meal, you should choose a stewing. For this recipe you will need:

  • chicken breast fillet - 300 g;
  • zucchini - 1 kg;
  • carrots, tomatoes and onions - 1 pc;
  • vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l;
  • a bunch of your favorite fresh greens;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

All vegetables cut into cubes, grate carrots. Cut chicken into small pieces. Sauté onions and carrots, now lay out the cubes of zucchini and tomato. Stew vegetables for 15 minutes, then lay out the meat to them. Put the stew together for 10 minutes.

Now you need to add salt, spices, chopped greens, keep on low heat for 3 minutes.

Useful light meal is ready, you can serve.

Chicken fillet with zucchini and kefir sauce

This recipe will require:

  • large chicken breast - 1 pc;
  • young squash - 2 pcs;
  • onions - 2 pcs;
  • ripe tomatoes - 3 pieces;
  • garlic - 2 cloves;
  • salt and spices to taste.

Prepare the sauce from:

  • kefir - half a glass;
  • mayonnaise - 4 tbsp. l .;
  • favorite spices to taste.

Meat cut into small pieces. Zucchini peel and cut into cubes. Also grind tomatoes. Onion cut into half rings, chop the garlic.

All ingredients are mixed by adding spices. To lay out in the form greased with vegetable oil.

Mix kefir with mayonnaise and spices, sauce richly lubricate the dish and cook in the oven for half an hour at 180,

Stir the dish before serving. serve with fresh herbs.

As you can see, dishes from the breast and vegetables can be very diverse. Fans of hearty spicy dishes will delight the crust of baked cheese, while those who are slimming and athletes can enjoy low-calorie stewed vegetables. Adding new types of spices and vegetables to vary recipes can be infinite.

Useful coarse zucchini fibers and protein, abundantly contained in the breast, will permanently give you fullness and energize.

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