Can you trust online pregnancy test

What are online pregnancy tests

Modern online pregnancy tests can be found on the pages of specialized sites. They are a series of questions that need to be answered by a woman who suspects that she may be in an “interesting position."
Most of the creators of such surveys offer the fair sex to be tested for free. Some resources have to pay for passing the test.
All questions online determinants of pregnancy relate to the condition of the woman, her well-being. After all the answers are received, the program automatically processes the results and a ready summary appears on the screen. When passing more complex tests, the program not only gives an answer to the question of whether there is a pregnancy or not, but also clarifies the likelihood that the result will be reliable.

Can you trust online pregnancy tests

Despite the popularity of determining the presence of pregnancy on the Internet, experts say that you can not believe such tests. This is the most unreliable diagnostic method that you can imagine.
Test makers suggest that symptoms such as nausea, menstruation delay, and feeling unwell are indications of pregnancy. However, they all can also indicate the presence of certain pathologies, as well as being signs of poisoning or hormonal failure.
For example, before the onset of menstruation, women often feel nauseous, tired, sleepy. All this may be due to both the premenstrual syndrome and the onset of pregnancy. But when processing electronic tests, a positive answer to the question about the presence of nausea, fatigue, drowsiness is counted as a sure sign that the woman is in an “interesting position.”
By the same principle, all other signs of pregnancy that are considered in the processing of the test can be questioned. For example, an increase in the sensitivity of the mammary glands is often felt before the onset of menstruation. A pain in the abdomen can be a consequence of the development of certain pathologies.
On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews that leave women who have undergone such testing. Many of them note that the test result was incorrect.
Those who wish to understand whether there is a pregnancy or not should not look for an answer to this question on the Internet. A much more reliable diagnostic method is the use of test strips, which can be purchased at pharmacies. Most of them are reliable at 95-99%. To conduct a rapid analysis is possible only after a delay of menstruation. It is possible to diagnose pregnancy at an earlier time when receiving a blood test for hCG, which can be taken in a antenatal clinic or a specialized laboratory.

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