Cambodia - the land of incredible beauty and excellent rest

Cambodia is a unique state, which seems to have been lost in the dense and picturesque jungle. Far from everyone, even very experienced travelers, know about its existence and beauty.

Cambodia is the land of truly incredible palace complexes and temples, the cleanest lakes, the most interesting national parks and, not least, quite good seaside resorts that are easily comparable to the beaches of Thailand in their beauty and exotic.

The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in South-East Asia, its main neighbors are Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.

And if the last two countries have been actively developing in the tourist direction for a long time, then Cambodia is just beginning its branching path, however, in recent years the number of tourists and antiquarian hunters has increased significantly.

Rest in Cambodia is always interesting and very exciting, there is no limit to diversity, perhaps everyone will be able to find entertainment according to their interests and, which is important, can afford it.

How to get there and do I need a visa ??

One of the most important and exciting questions - how to get to your destination? It should be noted that there are no direct flights from Russia in this direction, basically, all get through the neighboring states, so there is an additional opportunity on the way to look into Vietnam or Thailand.

The flight to Asia is tedious, it can take more than 10 hours, however, and the aircraft for such flights, most often, are provided very comfortable.

As for the visa, then it will have to be issued for the citizens of Russia, however, there is nothing difficult in this: you can do it at the consulate of Cambodia in your country or buy a visa right at the border. Many travelers prefer the second option, it is easier, and for the money comes cheap.

There are several types of visas to Cambodia: transit (A, B), short-term (C, this also includes tourist), as well as national (D). It also has its own rules for crossing the border regarding the amount of money imported and exported, as well as other things, such as jewelry, objects, wild animals and so on.

A little bit about the climate

Going on any journey, it is imperative to know about the climate of the country, because the fullness of your suitcase, as well as the choice of the season for rest, directly depends on this.You should know that in Cambodia, the climate is tropical, which is clearly divided into two seasons: dry and rainy season.

The first one lasts from mid-November to April; this period is considered the most favorable for visiting the country. The hottest temperatures fall in the spring, and the most pleasant weather (from + 22 ° to + 26 °) - in winter. The rainy season is from late spring to October, although it is worth noting that the precipitation here is strong but short-lived.

Where to go?

Perhaps the main goal of 99.9% of all tourists who want to get here was and remains the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire, in the city of Angkor, which in its era was one of the most magnificent cities in the world!

The main attraction of this meta remains the huge temple city, which consists of two impressive temple complexes. Angor-vat - one of them, is a complex three-level structure, which consists of many stairs and passages, and is also crowned with five huge towers, the outlines of which convey all the greatness of the Khmer people.

In many tourist photographs and avenues of Cambodia, as well as the national flag of the country, you can see this great city-temple, which is spread over an area of ​​more than 400 square meters.kilometers away! Angkor Wat was built over 30 years, on its territory there are more than 200 monuments and structures.

In the X-XII century it was the largest and most religious building in the whole world, its temples were known almost all over the world. By the way, if you are still in Cambodia, be sure to check out Angkor Thom, which is the central part of the whole complex. Be sure to admire the towering towers (about 23 meters), and also look at the terrace of the Elephants, which is 350 meters high!

In addition to Angkor, with its many palaces and temples, where, perhaps, you can spend almost the entire journey with great interest, it is useful to look into Siamrial, which is called the “gateway” to Angkor.

A few decades ago it was a small and quiet town, but today you can meet a large number of pilgrims and lovers of ancient history.

It is worth to visit the capital of the country, Phnom Penh, which was once one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. Today, after the warrior and numerous rebuildings, it looks more like an average metropolis with large buildings than an authentic Asian town.

In addition to cities and numerous pagodas, palaces and temples, Cambodia also has natural attractions, for example, a whole series of mountain ranges, the most famous of which are Elephant and Cardamom.

It is there that the most famous national park of the country is located, where tourists and locals often go on excursions. In the western part of the country, its largest lake is located - Tonle Sap, about the beauties of which real legends walk.

In addition, it is useful to visit the largest park in Cambodia - Virchay, as well as Ream National Park, which is protected by mangroves and evergreen wet forests.

If you want to experience the beach resorts, then with confidence go to Sihanoukville, which is famous for the best and most comfortable beaches in the country. What is most interesting, they are really no worse than similar beaches in the same Thailand, but, not least, less crowded and cleaner.

Here you can find many cafes and restaurants with local or any other world cuisine, most of them prepare seafood, fish and rice dishes. In addition, Cambodia owns several secluded and very picturesque islands, the rest on which every year attracts an increasing number of tourists.Hurry and you grab your piece of paradise on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand!

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