Calcium as a trace element: the benefits and harm to the body

Calcium alone is only beneficial. However, the body is almost unable to independently assimilate this element, so calcium is always required helpers. For example, without an element such as phosphorus, calcium cannot take care of teeth and bones as it should. The absence of magnesium will not allow the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. For better absorption of calcium, the body needs vitamin D, which ensures the safe penetration of an element into the cells of tissues. It can be obtained not only in a pharmacy - sunbathing will ensure that the body receives the necessary vitamin by itself.
Calcium has a positive effect not only on the bone system and teeth, it takes an active part in regulating the excitability of nerve endings and contractility of muscles. This element also affects blood clotting. It helps to form blood clots that clog the site of tissue damage during cuts and other wounds.Calcium can fight cholesterol, preventing the absorption of saturated fats. It is a key figure in the work of the adrenal glands and the sex glands, the thyroid or pancreas. An overabundance of this trace element or its deficiency can lead to an imbalance of all these systems.
Thus, calcium is useful and necessary for the organism as a whole. However, it is washed out in large quantities from the body, which is facilitated by the use of proteins, caffeine and salts.
In an effort to saturate your body with calcium, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, instead of benefit, it will be possible to get the opposite effect. An excess of calcium will be signaled by such phenomena as depression and drowsiness, muscle fatigue or general fatigue. Weight loss and appetite may occur, nausea and vomiting appear, arrhythmia and even hypertension begin. Bone pain will also indicate an increase in calcium in the body.The first sign of calcium deficiency is frequent muscle cramps, slight tingling in the feet or wrists.
Especially dangerous is calcium intake during pregnancy,as due to “overdose”, a violation of the skeleton formation and ossification of the spring can occur, which can cause injuries during childbirth.
For everything in the body to work like a clock, you need to know how much calcium it needs. However, to calculate all this is quite difficult, so the best solution will be proper and balanced nutrition. So, the trace element in optimal amounts is contained in dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, cheese.Calcium is absorbed from products in large quantities only if used along with fats. That is why cottage cheese is much more useful to eat with sour cream.
There is calcium in vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, dill, parsley, spinach and leek. Quite a lot of calcium contains dark chocolate and black bread. The presence of this trace element can boast apricots and grapes, blackberries and strawberries, honey and almonds. A lot of it is contained in sea kale, in egg yolks, in beef liver and butter.

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