Cake Royale

Cake Royalis a recipe.


  1. 8 chocolate bars;
  2. waffle cake;
  3. strong rye breads;
  4. biscuit chocolate cake
  5. sour cream;
  6. sugar;
  7. M &M's4packs;
  8. candy;
  9. wafer rolls with condensed milk;
  10. straw.


We paste by chocolate the bottom of the piano from waffle cakes and strong rye bread. We make walls from a wafer cake, we cover with chocolate. Using a strip cut from the cover, we straighten the walls and cut off excess chocolate with a knife.

We coat chocolate wafer tubes with condensed milk and glue them onto the bottom of the chocolate.

Inside the piano we put a chocolate biscuit with a cream of sour cream and sugar. Fall asleep on top of M & M's.

Cut out the pastes keys. We make a lid of wafer cake and chocolate, on the one hand we glue chocolate to the body of the piano and put a support from straw, which also should be coated with chocolate.

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