Bright pop art in the interior of housing (11 photos)

If you want to make your home stylish, bright and unusual, then pay attention to the style of pop art. He appeared not so long ago, but has already become popular.

What is this style?

The name of the style itself is translated as "popular art". That is, we are not talking about high art, but about something more mundane and accessible to many. And such a style appeared in the interior relatively recently. He literally "migrated" from painting. Creators of this direction can be considered comic artists, as well as advertisers.

In the 1950s and 1960s, they created images made in the style of a certain abstract impressionism, which seemed to make the simplest things (for example, tin cans) bright, creative, and unusual. Not customary still lifes and landscapes became cult objects, but the most banal objects, namely images of people, food, and dishes. And this is a real surge of emotions and their vivid expression!

Main features

Features of pop art style in the interior:

  • Unusual and creative look at the most simple things. Even a can can be a masterpiece of art and a bright accent of the room.
  • Bright colors and a combination of seemingly incompatible tones. The room may look like a drawing from a comic book.
  • Use of inexpensive materials and furniture. You will not find any expensive and elegant items.
  • Focus on the details. And such an accent, as already noted, can be the most ordinary and unexpected object.
  • Brightness, creativity, emotionality. Everything seems to be saturated with bright emotions.
  • The presence of various textured surfaces.
  • Unusual forms.
  • Use of a variety of modern and unusual materials. Most preferred: plastic, glass, fabrics, metal, synthetic materials, paper, artificial or genuine leather.

Color solutions

Bright colors are used, but at the same time the room does not seem motley. And all because the main and background should always be a light tone, ideally white. And already on it can be placed bright accents and stains.

Welcome colors such as red, blue, pink, yellow, purple, mint, blue, orange and others.And do not think about the combination of tones, you can combine not compatible. You can also use black, it can be a kind of frame for all this riot of colors.


If you chose the style of pop art in the interior of an apartment or house, then you definitely have a choice. Finishing materials can be both simple and inexpensive, and natural, as well as unusual.

  • The floor can be covered with linoleum, carpet or laminate. And you can just paint it. The ideal option would be a self-leveling floor.
  • Walls can be covered with decorative plaster, plastered with wallpaper (preferably plain) or painted. In this case, you can combine several options and make all the walls different.
  • The ceiling can be whitewashed or painted. An excellent option would be a stretch or multi-level suspended ceiling.

It is advisable to choose light finishing materials. But the textures can be complicated. The floor can be made darker. As for the walls, try to focus on one of them, and it should be free.

Choice of furniture

The furniture should be simple, but creative. Plastic items (eg chairs), metal, glass are welcome.It is also possible and necessary to use upholstered furniture, but not frilly, but modern and as concise as possible.

Arrange around the perimeter of the room a few soft poufs or bean bags. Cabinets in any case should not be massive. Embedded models, plastic wardrobes are welcome. By the way, there may be a lot of furniture.


Lighting plays an important role, because it makes the room bright. There must be several sources. This may be one central and several point, located around the perimeter. Chandelier must be bright, as in the photo magazines of the most unusual interiors.


Textiles should be as small as possible. On the windows usually do not hang curtains. Firstly, they are not typical of pop art, and secondly, there should be a lot of light in the room. But you can use blinds or, for example, unusual roller blinds.

But if you can not imagine your home without the usual fabric curtains, then be sure to choose bright, with unusual patterns. Covers are also not needed. But on the couch you can place some bright pillows.


Accessories play an important role in the interior, since it is they who set the basic mood and express vivid emotions.

Several interesting options:

  • Unusual lamps.It can be a lamp in the form of a human head, a pumpkin or, for example, a horse.
  • Be sure to use pictures. And they certainly must be made in the style of pop art. Images similar to images from comics are welcome. And in the pictures can be depicted aliens, astronauts, animals, famous and ordinary people, dishes, food, heroes of popular comics, and so on. By the way, a special bright accent can be a series of identical images made in several different tones.
  • Unusual vases. They may have the craziest shapes.
  • Stuff made with your own hands or bought in stores of creative accessories are welcome.
  • Mirrors will be appropriate. They can be self-sufficient elements of decor and at the same time reflect the light and make the room brighter, more airy and bright.

Let your apartment come to life with the pop art style!

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