Bright and unusual watercolor tattoos

Associations with the word "tattoo" are very controversial. Most young people are positive or at least without negative. In the representation of the older generation, often there is the image of a bearded biker or bandit with sinister blue tattoos.

Regardless of your attitude to the tattoo, the new watercolor style that has appeared recently will completely change your perception of this phenomenon.

Transfer of art from canvas to body

Weightless, bright and fabulous watercolor tattoos are almost indistinguishable from works of art painted with paints on canvas. Due to complex transitions and semitones, the works performed in this technique are real realistic masterpieces. They have nothing to do with all the usual tattoos, and they are often confused with body art. Nevertheless, all works are done by a traditional tattoo machine, and their performance depends entirely on the master class.

The founder of this trend is considered to be American Amanda Vachob. As an artist, the girl painted oil paintings and repeatedly exhibited in galleries. But once she had the idea to transfer her art from canvas to the human body. And in order to achieve longevity of work, she decided to use not ordinary brushes, but tools for tattoos.

Currently, Amanda is one of the most fashionable New York tattoo artists, in turn, which are recorded for several months. And the technique invented by her began to spread rapidly, winning the hearts of all new fans, and even those who had previously treated tattoos extremely negatively.

What are the differences of watercolor style?

All work performed in the technique of watercolor, characterized by the following features:

  • a wide variety of shades and tones, as well as very thin and complex color transitions;
  • the smoothness and softness of the lines and the frequent lack of clear contours, which gives the effect of lightness and lightness of the picture;
  • imitation of splashes, colorful streaks, blots, drops and smeared areas.

As a result, a whole piece of art of any plot and size is created on the skin. It will be equally effective to look like a small flower or an elegant dancing ballerina, as well as an abstraction that takes half a spin. Due to the absence of sharp contours and the presence of realistic paint splashes, even a large image does not seem heavy and oppressive, because it just “soars” on the body.

Who will like this technique?

Since the “brutality” is not inherent in the watercolor style, elegant and beautiful drawings were initially loved by the fair sex.

With their help, girls emphasize their femininity and tenderness. Looking at the photos, made in this technique, the works, no one would ever think to accuse their “owner” of mockery of his own body. In addition, watercolor tattoo, unlike the usual, is compatible with any, the most festive and romantic outfit. Usually women's options are floral motifs, butterflies, animals, abstract paintings.

But the beauty and singularity of the style did not remain invaluable on the part of the stronger half of humanity. Among men, there were also many fans of this technique.To compensate for the smoothness of the lines and the softness of the tones, the stronger sex, as a rule, chooses more rigid plots: skulls, scorpions, blood or whole artistic canvases, for example, a raging sea with ships.

In general, tattoos in the watercolor technique will be to the liking of extraordinary and creative people who want to emphasize their originality and individuality. They tend to get out of the conventional boring frames and paint the surrounding space in bright and happy colors.

What sketches are popular?

A feature of the watercolor style of tattoos is the primacy of the performance, not the plot. Therefore, we should not so closely look for a special meaning in abstract divorce and blots.

As for specific drawings, for example, certain animals and birds, their symbolism is similar to the values ​​inherent in ordinary tattoos. Thus, the floating butterfly symbolizes freedom and rebirth, and the tree personifies the natural wisdom and cyclical nature of life. But once again we repeat that in watercolor sketches the emphasis is not on a specific subject, but on the generality of the artistic picture.

Currently, the following scenarios are especially popular:

  • flower and animal symbolism;
  • mythical creatures: phoenixes, unicorns, dragons;
  • natural landscapes;
  • human portraits and figures in dance;
  • paintings "in the rain."

A remarkable "highlight" of this technique is the possibility of implementing absolutely any sketches: from the naive drawing of your child to the professional portrait of your favorite boy or cat. You can simply show the master the picture you like from the book, and soon he will move to your body. In this case, all the works are fantastically realistic.

Naturally, for this it is extremely important to choose a professional master. Considering that the tattoo in the watercolor technique appeared on the domestic spaces quite recently, it is very responsible to approach the search for a tattoo artist, whom you entrust painting your body. Be sure to look at examples of his work, and it is desirable not only in the portfolio, but also on living people.

Also, do not forget to follow all the recommendations of the master for the care of healing and healed tattoo. Then the watercolor masterpiece for a long time will delight you with its rich colors and incredible effects.

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