Bride price: scripts and contests

Virtually no other country in the world can do a wedding without the traditional humorous bride price. And Russia is no exception. Here, the bride price is usually paid before the official marriage. The bridegroom and his friends should buy the hero of the occasion, the bride, from her girlfriends. In turn, the girlfriends in every way should prevent this: they come up with various competitions for ingenuity, agility and ingenuity of the groom.

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Redemption Scenario

The scenario of the bride price must be drawn up in advance. There are many different original ideas for organizing a bride price. This may be a traditional ransom in the style of Russian wedding traditions, which you can learn about here or, for example, something more modern: a staircase, a quest, a medical examination, a fairy tale or a court hearing. You can create a ransom scenario yourself, focusing on personal preferences or invite a professional presenter. The main thing is to keep the memories of this wonderful day forever with the newlyweds.

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We bring to your attention some original ideas for the bride price.

Redemption in style ...

  • Stairs- the bridegroom with friends moves up the stairs of the entrance where the bride lives, and the girlfriends on their way create obstacles in the form of contests and games. Contests can be very diverse, for example: read poems or sing a love song, answer various questions about the bride. A ransom for this scenario is recommended to spend no more than 20-30 minutes. To do this, girlfriends must prepare in advance the words, riddles and questions that can also be placed for clarity on the posters and decorate them with an entrance.

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  • Quest- a very popular tradition in which friends will be involved, both from the groom and the bride. The meaning of this ransom is that the bride before receiving the bride receives a message from one of the girlfriends that the bride is waiting for him, for example, in a park, in a cafe where they met, or in another place that she should remember and to know the groom. There are several steps to do so until the newlyweds meet. Quest is a kind of mysterious search adventure for a bride that will be remembered for a lifetime and will fill with positive emotions both the groom and the bride, and all the guests.

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  • Medical examination -a costumed ransom in medical style, where the groom will have to undergo a cheerful physical examination before seeing his bride. This will require a simple props, consisting of white medical gowns, a tonometer, a syringe, a stethoscope, vitamins, juice, etc. improvised registry. They prescribe the groom and his friends to undergo a full physical examination. First, the groom gets an appointment with the therapist, and then he will refer him to other doctors. After the medical examination, the doctors will hold a consultation and make a final diagnosis - “the groom is hopelessly in love”

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  • Fairy tales- a beautiful style for the bride price, because every girl really wants to feel like a princess, and the guy - a beautiful prince. When writing a script, you can use fairy tales known from childhood, for example: “Cinderella” or “The Snow Queen”. The main thing when organizing a fabulous ransom is to prepare costumes that will be recognizable at first glance, as well as learn the words for each role.For example, in the fairytale “Cinderella” style, one of the main roles could be the mother-in-law who would play the evil stepmother, the bridesmaids — sisters, the groom’s friends — the footmen, and the role of the good fairy give the witness

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  • Ships- The original script, which will be remembered primarily for newlyweds and amuse all the guests. To organize the ransom in the style of the court will need black judicial gowns, photos of the bride and groom, as well as the minutes of the meeting. Before entering the apartment of the bride, it is necessary to organize an improvised courtroom, where the bridesmaids, led by the main witness, will interrogate the groom for how much he loves her, and the friends of the groom will act as lawyers. For incorrect answers, the groom and witness must pay a fine in the form of sweets, gifts and flowers. After the groom proves his love, the court imposes a sentence of "life imprisonment" with the bride

Redemption in a private house

If the groom has to redeem his bride in a private house, then the organization of this ceremony can be approached with a relative scale. Since the large space of the courtyard of a private house allows you to attend a greater number of guests and observe the entire procedure of redemption.For starters, you can decorate the entrance gate by hanging a poster indicating that the most beautiful bride in the world lives in this house. The yard can be decorated with colorful garlands and ribbons, as well as fresh flowers in pots. Contests for the purchase of a bride can be held for the beginning in the yard, and then directly in the house. The road to the bride can be indicated with the help of painted traces or signs. And also for a more fun redemption, you can invite musicians who will help the bridesmaids to play funny chitus or funny songs.

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Posters for redemption

When organizing a ransom, the bridesmaids can make posters with their own hands, which, firstly, will decorate the place of ransom, and, secondly, will raise the general mood of the guests invited to the wedding. Posters should be colorful. Also on the posters you can post pictures of the bride and groom. Below are examples of texts that can be placed on wedding posters:


  • Rings ... Flowers ... Limousines at the entrance ... Hello, family! Goodbye, freedom!
  • Our bridegroom's and bride's orders are henceforth to be everywhere together!
  • Family is the cell of society! And nothing strengthens her solike a cell full of money and jewelery in a bank!
  • The commandment of the right husband: the wife in the closet should have so much clothes that no lover can fit there!
  • If the wife broke the cup, then this is fortunately, and if the husband, then his hands are not growing from there
  • My house is my fortress, and the commandant is his wife
  • The lover is not a status, not a state of mind. This is a diagnosis. I hope this disease is incurable
  • Marriage is a cowardly flight from bachelor problems
  • Wife from above is given to us, replacing it with happiness.
  • There is no sadder story in the world than the story of the groom at the wedding banquet
  • Sea of ​​happiness, light of the sea! We wish you to live without grief!

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Do not forget about the musical accompaniment, which must necessarily complement the process of redemption of the bride, as well as the relevant decorations.

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