Bouquet of Peonies from Paper

A bunch of paper peoniesare bright and beautiful peonies made of corrugated paper.

Materials and tools:

  1. yellow colored paper;
  2. white and pink crepe paper;
  3. wire;
  4. scissors, glue.

Step 1

The yellow sheet of paper is cut into rectangles. Rectangle cut tinsel. We will bite off a piece of wire, wrap a rectangle with tinsel around one end of the wire and fix it with glue and wire - this is the center of the bud.

Step 2

We will make petals of pink or white corrugated paper. Cut a piece of paper into small rectangles and shape the petals. Then, bending the leaf, we will give the petal a shape and make it realistic.

Step 3

Repeating the steps from Step 2, we will make sheets of green corrugated paper.

Let's collect a peony bud from pink petals, glue green petals from the bottom of the bud. Wire wrapped with a strip of green paper or tape, then glue the leaves.

We make several such flowers and put them together, getting a beautiful beautifulBouquet of peonies from corrugated paper.

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