Bottle holder from Hama beads

Bottle stand of Hama beads- we make a stand for mugs (bottles) in the form of four-leaf clover of beads.

Materials and tools:

  1. Hama beads and mosaic shapes;
  2. glue gun;
  3. felt;
  4. iron;
  5. paper;
  6. something heavy, for example, a bundle of paper
  7. scissors.

Step 1

First of all, on the form for a mosaic we will lay out a clover of sufficient size from the beads, you can choose colors arbitrarily. If the whole clover does not fit on the form at once, then the beads can be added later.

Step 2

Join the beads - fusing them, for this, the base of the bottle stand will be covered with a sheet of paper and ironed,slightly melted beads. To fix the shape, we put something heavy on top of the stand, for example, a stack of paper and wait for the beads to cool.

Step 3

To stand did not scratch the surface of the table, we will make a substrate of felt or felt. To do this, put the stand on the felt, outline and cut. Slightly reduce the substrate around the edges so that it is not visible from under the stand.

Step 4

Using a hot melt glue gun, glue the felt to the delivery.Bead bottle standis ready. Using this technique, you can make the stand in any shape and pattern.

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