Beyonce, Selena Gomez and 8 more stars with a mustache

If you thought that women cannot grow a mustache, then you are deeply mistaken. We know the stars that go with the vegetation above the lip and are not shy.

Mustaches can be not only for men, although it would be better if they were only with them. Many girls seriously suffer from the fact that they have hairs on their upper lip. This problem can be not only brunettes, but also blondes. The only difference is that some tendrils appear dark in color, and in the second - light. Most girls are very worried about this, so they have to constantly remove hair with waxing or with a laser (after a couple of procedures, the antennae will stop growing at all). There are stars that are not confused by their vegetation, and they do not try to remove or disguise it.

Frida Kahlobecame the first woman, not counting the women of ancient times, who proclaimed that facial hair was not a cause for restraint. Besides the fact that her eyebrows are very lush and bright, he attracts attention.But there was also a mustache on Freda’s face — thick and black, from which Kahlo was not disposed.

Salma hayek, who played the role of Frida Kahlo in the movie "Frida", in real life, like her heroine, has a mustache. However, they are not always visible on the face of the actress, only sometimes the paparazzi manage to catch Salma with them. Apparently, Hayek sometimes still does wax epilation and removes hair.

ModelTyra Banksfor a long time in all the interviews stated that she does not like to shave her legs and armpits. Most likely, she also does not like to do epilation of the upper lip. In many photos of Tyra you can see a mustache.

WhenSelena GomezandEmma Watsonthey were young, they also grew hair on their upper lip. But over the years the antennae disappeared somewhere, perhaps the girls turned to a cosmetologist for help.

There are too many facial hairs on the dragon mother too.Emilia Clark. Everyone admires the broad eyebrows of the actress, but few people notice that there are also antennae on her face, which Clark carefully conceals.

There is also a light down under the nose.Beyonce,Kristen Stewart,Keira KnightleyandMiley Cyrus. It is rather difficult to notice their antennae, but if you look closely, you can see them.

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