Bepanten: instructions for use

Drug description

The active ingredient of bepanthene is dexpanthenol (provitamin B5), which, entering the epithelium cells, is transformed into pantothenic acid, which is the reason for the active regenerating effect of the drug. Pantothenic acid has a stimulating effect on the regeneration of mucous membranes and skin, normalizing cell metabolism, accelerating mitosis and increasing the strength of collagen fibers.
Bepantin has a moisturizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. The tool can be applied to any parts of the skin. Including it is used in the treatment of oozing wounds, as well as in unprotected areas (facial skin) and areas covered with hair.Bepantin is available in the form of ointment, cream and lotion.

Indications for use

The drug is used to care for the skin of the newborn with the purpose of treatment and prevention of skin inflammation, diaper rash and diaper dermatitis.For lactating women, the drug is prescribed for the care of the mammary glands, as well as for the treatment of irritations, injuries and cracks in the nipples that occur during lactation.
The drug is used to treat skin damage and irritation caused by the aggressive effects of various irritants, including chemicals and sunlight, as well as to accelerate the healing and regeneration of skin microdamages, such as burns, cracks and scratches.
The drug is used to treat pressure sores, chronic skin ulcers. In addition, bepanthen prescribed for the treatment of anal fissure cracks, cervical erosion, as well as after skin transplants.


A newborn for preventive care, the drug is applied with each change of the diaper on clean, dry skin. If the nipple is damaged, cream or ointment is applied to problem areas after each feeding.
The duration of treatment with bepanthenom is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the lesions. For the treatment of defects of the mucous membranes and fissures of the anal passage, the drug is applied to the damaged area 1-2 times per day, according to the annotation.
When treating wounds and skin lesions, cream or lotion bepantin is applied to the affected area several times a day.
Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
Side effects:
In rare cases, allergic reactions such as itching and urticaria are possible.

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