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If you are a girl, then dresses should definitely be present in your wardrobe. And the more of them, the better, because there is nothing more feminine than this thing. But not every dress is suitable, firstly, for you, and secondly, for a particular occasion. And how can you wear an elegant beige dress?

Chic option

Who is going to?

Beige is not an ordinary color. To many, it may seem boring or official, but in reality it’s not at all like that. What does a shade look like? That's right, the skin color. And this means that it seems that a woman dressed in a beige outfit is almost naked.

And it is incredibly sexy and exciting. So the shy will probably not feel very comfortable. But do not despair, because if you choose a shade darker, the image will be more official.

Chic and beauty

It is worth noting that beige has a lot of shades. Some of them are close to white, others can be attributed more to brown, others to some extent belong to green, the fourth contain shades of red or orange. And this diversity explains the versatility of color.So any girl can afford this outfit.

When is it appropriate?

As already noted, beige is almost a universal color. And it is universal not only from the point of view of features of appearance, but also from the point of view of cases and situations in which the outfit will be relevant. Everything again depends on the shade.

Many shades

So, the cold scale is more official, so that such tones are suitable for business meetings. Neutral tones close to skin tone are very sexy and exciting, so this outfit should be left for a party or a trip to the club. Warm tones are romantic and gentle, so they are suitable for dating. Brown shades are appropriate for daily business trips.

How to choose?

From the choice of attire is directly dependent on how it will fit you. How to choose a beige dress? There are several important points, we will dwell on each in more detail.


It is important to determine the choice of color. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Warm shades of beige (closer to pink, red) are suitable for girls with the “spring” type of appearance.
  • Owners of the type of appearance "winter" should avoid pale shades.
  • Girls with the type of appearance "autumn" may prefer beige, close to such shades as swamp, peach, brown.
  • Owners of the “summer” look will favorably emphasize their virtues with the help of neutral and cooler beige tones.


Beige is the case when you can play on textures and create unusual and contrasting images. We offer several options:

  • Lace dress shade beige - this is incredibly sexy and erotic.
  • Leather dress - bold and unusual.
  • Knitted dress - it is rather an everyday option.
  • Knitted dress - light and comfortable outfit, which will emphasize the dignity and give the image of femininity and playfulness.
  • Silk beige dress - it's incredibly elegant and feminine. Such fabric in combination with this color excites hearts and minds of men, forcing them to dream, looking at all this magnificence.
  • The volumetric pattern on this color looks original and unusual, so if you want to slightly dilute the tone, choose a dress with silk embossed or with volume patterns of velvet and knitwear.


Incredibly many things.Let's stop on several of them:

  1. A long dress is not all, as many people think. If your height is small, then this outfit will only exacerbate the situation, especially if you decide to put on shoes without a heel. But the heel can save you, but only quite high. But the girl who has impressive growth will be a real goddess, but it is better to refuse heels.
  2. Sheath dress is an almost universal option, suitable both for parties and for official meetings. But if you have wide hips, you should not fit them, they will seem even more voluminous. Do not choose such a dress and those whose figure is far from ideal, because this style all the shortcomings will make it obvious.
  3. Dress with a basque is a real life ring for those who do not have enough volume in the buttocks and hips.
  4. A short fitting dress will suit a girl with a perfect figure. But if the legs are too long, then this option will not be the best, because visually this length of the dress will further extend the legs.
  5. Dresses of direct cut hide the extra volume in the upper part of the body. And if the features of your figure are such that the legs are slender, then by all means show them. A harmonious outfit should hide what should not be seen, and show what can be shown.
  6. Add the missing volume in the chest area will help volumetric details: ruffle, assembly, drapery, and more.
  7. To hide excessively voluminous hips will help the model with the free cut hem. It is also elegant and feminine.
  8. Hide imperfect tummy will allow styles with a slightly high waist and flared hem.

Color combinations

To work perfectly

What colors does a beige color match? We offer several win-win options:

  • White. This combination can be called very gentle and clean. But the tones should not blend, it will look ridiculous.
  • Brown will also be in harmony with beige, shading and complementing it.
  • Red will also look very appropriate and even revive the image and make it brighter.
  • Coral - another great option.
  • Black is universal, so you can choose it.
  • Green. It is better to prefer muted or deep tones: emerald, marsh.
  • Peach. This color will also be in harmony with beige.
  • The combination of beige and gold looks rich and elegant.

As for prints, beige can blend in with the leopard. This tandem will not look vulgar and pretentious.

What to combine?

What can I wear with a beige dress?

  • Footwear. You can choose beige or black lacquer boat. Suitable are also ankle boots or black or brown boots. And with a short dress it is possible to wear golden or white ballet flats.
  • Outerwear. Feel free to combine white, black or beige classic coats of fitted or straight style with such an outfit. On a knitted dress you can wear a leather jacket or cardigan. Sheath dress will be combined with a jacket.
  • Pantyhose is better to choose the skin tone.
  • Accessories. The thin straps of a contrasting bright color or bright scarves look great with a beige dress.
  • Jewelry choose in gold tones. They can be supplemented with bright stones or rhinestones, but combined in tone with beige.
  • As for the bags, then pick up a black clutch for an evening outfit. A volume bag-bag will be combined with a knitted or knitted short dress.

Helpful Tips

Some tips:

  1. Beige needs to be diluted, so complement it with other tones.
  2. Makeup pick natural. Highlight one thing: eyes or lips.
  3. Experiment!

Create your own image and shine!

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